About us


Hi friends. I assume most of you who read our blog know us but if not, Im Brooke. The hubs is Freeland.

We met in Waco, Texas while we were both students at Baylor. Right after we got married we picked up our lives and moved across the country away from all our family & friends to Erie, PA for Freeland to start Medical School. It was a blast! (seriously!)
Now we are living in Cleveland, OH as Freeland completes his residency.

During Medical School the Lord surprised us by adding 3 little ones to our family. Its all sorts of crazy in our house now but its such a joy and being a mom is something I didnt realize I would love so much.

River James - 3 years old
Wylder Davis - 2 years old
Chapel Joy - 1 years old

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 9.29.27 PM
(wylder, river, and chapel on the bottom)


We're passionate about the Lord being glorified through our lives, raising our kids to know His deep love for them, missions, and orphans. The Lord has been gracious to reveal himself to us as we cry out and ask for more. Following him and seeking him has made our life so joyful and full of adventure. 

This blog is a celebration of all those things. A celebration of our family, our daily lives, and the way the Lord is moving, being faithful, and my hope is to glorify him. The blog obviously doesnt always portray the reality of our messy lives. Our life isnt perfect, our marriage isnt perfect and our kids arent perfect. But God is good & faithful and I want to celebrate him from the mountain top and in the valley.

My favorite family photo to date:

the day we took Chapel home from the hospital. This is an accurate display of what life looks like.

Blessings. Id love to connect with you!



PS: Im a horrible speller & I dont really care too much about grammar.. so you've been warned.