Friday, May 16, 2014

women are warriors.


Prepare yourself for a wordy and long post! I hope I dont step on anyones toes and I hope you read this with grace because Im no expert.. I just know what the Lord is teaching me.

So, our pastor BROUGHT IT on Sunday at church.

I wrote out a few of the things he said that the Lord used to speak to me and pierce my little (big)  heart with on Sunday. I had to share it because I just feel like I see the Lord saying this to so many people right now. I see so many women He is growing and equipping.. I see Him raising up an Esther generation yall!

I also definitely see our culture fighting for women to be equal to men. This is everywhere.. yes, we all know this. That's great.. and fine.. Im not slamming it. I think its wonderful in a lot of ways. (thats a different post) But I also agree that we are mistaking being equal with being the same. Women aren't the same as men. They just aren't. (in my humble opinion) I see the Lord teaching women this all over and its awesome! I seriously cant believe or really imagine what the Lord is doing that He would be teaching so many people this at the same time!

So my pastor just gave a service on Sunday that commissioned women to go .. fight for what is in their heart .. pray .. have relationships .. intercede.. mother .. etc the way that we were created to. Here are a few things that stuck out to me:

Women were destined to be warriors. The bible says Children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.. We as women were destined to be warriors.  Children are meant to be arrows that destroy enemies. Children are to be raised up to settle injustices.. to fight darkness. Mothers & women bring forth that. We're sharpening & shaping weapons of destruction against powers of darkness. Children that will bring in light. 

Women birth things in a new way that guys cannot do. Women uniquely give birth. Literal birth.. but they also birth things wherever they go that brings forth transformation. The birth of a literal child will bring transformation. The atmosphere shifts when children show up.. and identities shift. But women also have a gift and ability to birth those same things in a spiritual realm that will also bring forth transformation and shift atmospheres. 

In Genesis the Lord says I will put enmity (active opposition) between satan & the woman. The Lord speaks over Satan .. "I will put an awkward, uncomfortable battlefield between you & the woman." Why didn't He put it for the men - who were built for the battlefield? Instead Im going to put a war-ing spirit in women specifically towards darkness towards Satan towards injustice.. towards things that need to be resolved. 

In revelation its basically a woman against a dragon and a child. The woman wins. A promise is given to women that we will crush Satan's head. Women are rising up in their full potential. Women will birth things that will transition environments. Women will give birth to things that will cause people to realize their identities. In the very spirit and heart of a women is the heart of a mother.. whether she has children or not she will birth things.. Everything that comes out of Hell - will stir something in a woman's heart to fight for it. 

The travail Elijah had.. is what women have. They travail (and give birth) to things through spiritual labor .. praying and interceding and fighting through prayer. Reshaping Identities, changing atmospheres through laboring in prayer. Women are warriors. 

you can watch the sermon here. It starts at about the 58 minute mark: Steve Witt Mothers Day Message . or you can hear the audio by clicking this link.

You guys! All of that may have seemed crazy to you. Thats okay! It didnt to me.. it was so affirming to what the Lord is doing in my heart (if it did seem crazy, maybe listen to his sermon. Those are just notes I pulled from it. if you want the bigger picture - go take a looky!)  I basically walked out of the sermon feeling like a stinkin super hero ready to go pray and fight for women to know who they are and to keep saying yes to the desires and passions and stirrings the Lord is putting in my heart!

I realize it sounds like a battle cry is going on in my heart.. thats because I think there is!

I had to write it all out because I cried almost the entire sermon. The Lord has been and continues to reveal these things to me. If I could invite you all over to go through my journal and see where the Lord started opening up my heart and changing the desires and showing me who I am .. and who we are as women, moms, wives, neighbors, friends. etc. etc. etc. Anyway - the Lord has just done a work in me. And He continues to do something SUPER deep in my heart that is changing me.

Im just so enthralled and in love with the Lord for it! Its been so sweet.

But the best part - Ive seen Him revealing the same thing to so many women around me too.. and it just makes me so excited and stirs something SO deep in me that the Lord would be showing this to so many of us. He created us this way - and He wants us to actually know it you guys! ha.

To imagine that He would create us a certain way (which is a really strong, tender, powerful, graceful and purposeful way) and then He would give us dreams & desires and then He would commission us to go do them! Imagine what will happen when we all embrace this? Imagine the power we have? You guys this is huge. We are created and equipped to "labor" through things and travail in prayer and fight for justice and against what grieves the heart of the Lord!

The thing that strikes me the most is.. this is how the Lord created ALL women.. women who are also gentle and gracious and tender.. but are so strong too. (We just gotta redefine what strength is sometimes.) BUT even more than that - back to this is how God created ALL women. Not women in America.. the same woman who is fighting for clean water or food for her children and begging and praying for her kids to be able to attend school... the same woman who lives in shame or who feels forgotten.. this is the same way the Lord created her and she needs to know that! 

I know how this is playing out for me in this season.. or at least I have vision for it through our adoption and other areas he is revealing to me. I know the things the Lord is calling me to go to war for and pray and believe for.  And I also know its different for each of us... and thats the beautiful thing. For some its our children, for some its our education, for some its poverty, for some its our husbands, for some its our home, for some its our neighborhood, for some its overseas, for some its politics or our work, for some its youth or ministry, for some its the orphans, widowed and poor... it is all going to look so different and it should. When we are all going to war for the things the Lord puts in our hearts.. change is going to happen!

The Lord will fight it for us and through us and He will be victorious because its just who He is.. and how the story ends! Praise the Lord.

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(also, I feel the need to note, I wrote this post on Monday before the contest was announced.)


  1. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    Loved this Brooke and will definitely be watching the sermon.
    Roar, sister! :)