Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the last day to help me go to rwanda with #styleforjustice

Today is the LAST DAY! I cant believe it. This has been a roller coaster, no? You guys have worked so so so hard voting, sharing, rallying and praying with me. The entire time I stayed in the top 7.. and not a day went by that I wasnt blown away by that. Thank you so much for all your kind words and affirmations and encouragement during all of this.

Currently Im in 9th.

I need to be in the top 7 to move on to the next round. I need yalls help.


I know everyone is voting like crazy. Im watching the little number change and jump up over and over. I think that everyone is just doing the same exact thing so its neck and neck.

But here is the deal, This is a dream of mine to go on a trip with noonday overseas. Im diving in to what justice and advocating looks like and I think a trip with both Noonday and International Justice Mission would be a dream. To see the work they are both doing and then partner with them in their collaboration. Fighting justice and empowering people and helping them out of poverty at the same time blows me away.  They werent kidding when they said this contest was for someone who normally wouldnt have the opportunity to go. This is such an opportunity.

On top of that the most amazing part is not only going to see and engage in the work both Noonday and IJM are doing... its going and meeting the women and families. Its realizing they are women, mothers, friends, daughters, neighbors and wives just like I am. The difference is they are in a place where they are vulnerable. I would love to go and be apart of sharing their stories with you.

To be honest, I used to not really have a passion for these things. But, here is the deal... it was because I didnt know about them. I heard about it all the time but I never stopped to read or ask any questions or try to understand it. Then a few blogs that I read started sharing about it.. my husbands crazy passionate heart that wants to "just go and do" kept talking about it.. and the Lord kept graciously softening my heart and eventually lit up a fire in it! ha. My point being, I believe it takes other people sharing their stories and their experiences sometimes to help us understand what part violence is playing in poverty and the orphan crises. It takes someone else introducing you to a woman they met and telling you the people you hear about - they have a name. Sharing their stories. I believe our yeses open the door for other people to say yes and dream too. So I know that no matter what this trip will be incredible because the people going are using their platforms to do just that. To share and tell stories and open all of our eyes up to the world around us that we cant always see or that we've been begging to see and begging to engage in.

this is an adorable sign my sweet friend Sarah sent me last week as she cheered me on. Ive said it before so many times but if it werent for you guys Id never have this opportunity. And if the judging was based solely on who our community was and how awesome they were - Id be winning!! Seriously!!

My heart obviously aches because I want to be apart of this trip. But I also believe the Lord gave me the dream and desire He did and however He fulfills it is going to be the best part.

To read my heart on the trip click this post.

And just in case: dont forget to go over and vote:

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