Monday, May 5, 2014

Rivers 4th Birthday Party


We had *thought* we weren't really going to do birthday parties for our kids at this stage. Well, not that we wouldn't celebrate.. we just thought we would keep the celebrating/parties to just us as a family since we aren't really able to do parties for 3 kids every year in this season of life.  So I hadn't planned on or even thought about one for River.

That is until the weekend before his birthday he was invited to 2 parties from kids at school and then came home and asked who was coming to his birthday party!


It occurred to me that he wouldn't understand WE made the decision to not do a party with friends.. instead he would probably just think his friends didn't come over.

Lesson learned. (hashtag: rookie mistake. hashtag: mom slowly learning)

So I texted all our friends (our neighbors) and asked if they were available to come that week and have pizza and cake with us. They are all awesome and at the last second jumped on board and showed up!

When I told River the excitement on his face was priceless. All week long he talked about who was coming to celebrate with him.

Praise the Lord he had no concept of having a theme. He's been to some pretty big parties with some pretty big themes so I wasnt sure what he would want.

But, the only thing he requested was cake and ice cream. Specifically a cake with 4 candles and then the number 4 candle too.

I threw up things I already had in our house to "decorate" and make it feel like a party to him. When he woke up from his nap and saw everything he told me it was all "so amazing and the best party ever"

I love how simple and easy this age is. He even helped me get things cleaned up. Kid loves to host apparently.


Thank you Sams Club for the cake!

I wrote this sign but cant take credit. Source here. I would have ordered it had there been time.

same with this. The source is here. Its actually a really cute card.

(note: If thats awful I just shared pictures of those that I drew for him and I need to take them down.. let me know. For some reason I feel weird about it even though I listed the source)






Then the hardest part... waiting for people to show up:


He came and told me "maybe if we turn music on people will come" WHAT? How is a 4 year old saying these things. It was so cute to see him anxious and nervous and ready knowing people were coming for him.

So we turned on music and had a dance party while we waited.


chapel loves a good dance party.

A quick picture all together:




Freeland went and grabbed pizza for the kids:



and praise the Lord for Tesheba.. I hadnt thought of anything for the kids to do. She is a pro and kept them entertained by playing red light, green light.









and then Simon says:


and then cake:



and gifts:




I cant believe I don't have a picture to prove it.. but river had a celebrity come to his party.

And by celebrity, I mean Cesar.

(Cesar is the other resident who works with Freeland. But he is a celebrity to River. When I told River he was coming to his party he almost exploded! ;) So pretend there is a picture of River & Cesar together right here.

And of course Cesar brought him a gift. The most perfect gift. A soccer ball and goal:
(Cesar plays soccer)

Also, mateo could be listed as a celebrity around these parts too. ;)



When you asked River about his party for the next few days he would say "I had a party and cesar came and I got cake & ice cream" So yes, Cesar was a highlight for him. ha


Then we finished off the night with a good old dance party per the birthday boys request. Mateo serenaded us on the guitar:

(please note how seriously Kingston takes a dance party.. boy knows how to sing and dance and I love it! He has such a fun personality)





It ended up being such a fun & laid back night with friends. River felt SO loved and SO celebrated. It was such a sweet blessing to be able to see. Im so thankful for friends that love our kids so well and want to celebrate them.. even at the very last second. I have pictures from the day of his actual birthday that I will post too.

River told me at the end of the night that it was the best birthday party he had ever been to. Praise the Lord.


  1. love that my card offered you some inspiration for the birthday party!

    1. Oh Aneta! Thank you! Im so glad you commented and Im glad to know that was okay! You have some major talent!!!!! I love your shop!

    2. Thanks Brooke! I'd love to chat about doing some kind of giveaway if you're you like to do that!

  2. I have been a reader for awhile but never commented before. You have such a sweet family. We live in Cleveland as well and I am guessing very close to where you are. Our girls are close in age to your kids (3 and 1). Anyways, we are buying a new house in the area and I am in the midst of picking paint colors. I love the colors in your living room and dining room. Do you mind telling me what they are??

    1. Karen.. I replied below but it didnt attach.. Hopefully you still see it! So sorry!

  3. KAREN! How fun! Im not sure the exact color because those 2 were here when we moved in.. I will check downstairs and see if the paint cans are there and what they were called! where are yall moving to? I looked for your blog on your profile and didnt see which one it was! Let me know .. I'd love to read it! (we're in shaker heights)

    1. We are moving to Shaker! We are in University Hts. right now. I have a blog but have not kept up with it in a very, very long time.

  4. We are moving to Shaker! We are in University Hts. right now. I have a blog but have not kept up with it in a very, very long time.

  5. 1. You have the happiest kiddos!
    2. I really really really love that you did a smaller and more intimate party and showed how much River loved it! I hate how much pressure we're putting on parents to spend thousands of dollars on parties.
    3. Your blog posts make me want to live on your street. You have the best neighbors!