Friday, May 2, 2014

a no sew - no measure - fabric banner


Back in November for Chapel's birthday party I made a little fabric banner to hang and decorate with. It seemed like the easiest and cheapest little backdrop I could think of at the time. Then after her party I put it over her crib to fill up the huge blank wall in her room.




I posted a picture on Instagram and a few people asked how I made it.

Thankfully, for some reason even though I am not a craft blogger or DIY blogger, I took pictures while I was making it.

So here are some pictures to help explain how I put it together.

I think in total this cost $6-$8. And it took maybe an hour AT MOST.

If I can do it - you can do it!

The thing I was the most thankful & excited about was I didnt have to measure anything. If I had to measure I probably wouldnt have ever made it! (probably the biggest reason I never sew anything)

So all I did was go to hobby lobby and grab the cheapest fabric I could find. I believe I bought the fabric that was $2-$3 a yard. I bought 4 different colors:

1 full yard of white
1 full yard of pink (which once I left the store I realized was too peach)
.5 yards of a white-ish-cream
.5 yards of an off white (which once I left the store I realized was more brown/khaki)

I was in a hurry to grab fabric so I didnt look closely enough at the colors I was picking.

I would totally change the brown/khaki color out for one more white & I would make the pink a lighter pink instead of a peachy-pink.

BUT THE POINT IS .. I dont even love the colors and the banner is still just fine. So whatever you have Im sure will be fine. I think it would look great with vintage sheets or vintage fabric or just random scraps that you have.


the biggest decision was which way to turn the fabric and make the cuts so I would know how long my pieces would be once they were tied on .. You can cut it or do it however you want.

Whatever size your fabric is when you fold it and cut is how long your strips will be so just do it based on that.

I just ended up folding each piece of fabric in half (pictured below is the fabric folded one time so that its just folded in half) and then I cut about 1 inch wide pieces along the entire thing. I ended up folding it in half in the direction where I would be able to have the most amount of strips. (meaning not longer strips.. but more strips.. so confusing Im sure)


I didnt measure these.. I just went by what looked like an inch to me. It doesn't have to be perfect. Mine weren't even or straight .. and they were all torn up.. but it still worked.

When I cut each piece I cut from the bottom UP TOWARDS THE FOLD.. so that when you pick it up .. the fold is where the knot will be and it is one long piece like this:


about half way through I realized I could take the fabric that I folded and fold it one more time to make it go by faster.. here is a picture:







*note, I used my little blade roller/cuter thing (see, Im really professional here guys) to cut the fabric at first but after a while I realize the scissors were faster and easier and cut more evenly for me. probably because of how I had the fabric folded up so much.

Once I cut strips on all the fabric I laid it out on the table to see the spacing and where I wanted all the colors:



Then you get your string (or rope or whatever you want to hang it on) and knot/tie it with a loop around the string. You just lay down the fabric and pull it through. Trial and error and you will get it. I tied mine all the same direction so that the little knots would look the same. You can do it however you want.

You can also push them super close together to make it shorter.. or spread them out and make it longer. 


I also had leftover pieces from a few (I believe from when I was cutting to see which direction I wanted to turn the fabric and cut it..) so I made this little banner for the drinks. Its now hanging on some built ins in Chapels room):




Chapel does sometimes play with the banner above her bed. I was concerned at first.. but then I realized there wasnt anyway she could pull one of them off. The more she pulls it the tighter the knot will be .. keeping her from pulling it off even more. And if she pulls the entire thing down I will see it on our video monitor before its an issue. So do whatever is best for you and what you are comfortable with. Wylder has slept in her bed since we've had it hanging.. and with him being 2.5 it hasnt been an issue either.

Im not a DIY person or craft blogger.. so I apologize if some of that didnt make sense or wasnt clear. If you have questions .. seriously let me know! Im happy to help.

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