Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cry me a River {river turns 4}

Last week we celebrated Rivers 4th birthday.


I cant believe it. We had a small little celebration on Tuesday night. Then we celebrated as a family on Wednesday, his actual birthday. He went to bed that night and stopped and told me he was sad. I asked why and he said "because now my birthday is over" I GET IT SON! So we told him the rest of the things we did that week were for his birthday & I let him have icing for breakfast the next day too... and probably a cupcake for lunch.. and so on and so on.

More pictures from his actual birthday soon.

Freelands best friend David was here this weekend and we are slowly but surely catching up (mostly on sleep!)

I just looked through all these and now I need to go cry in the corner:

The day River was born:

The day River turned 1:

The day her turned 2:

The day he turned 3:

The day he turned 4:

The day he became a big brother:

The day he became a big brother again:

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some random pictures I just love:

Its too bad he wont have any pictures from his childhood one day! ;)

I love this kid. I love his personality. I love who he is. I love who he will be. I love being his mom. These pictures are good for my soul - they make we want to embrace all his energy and laughter because its what I look back and love.

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  1. Super teary-eyed over here looking at all of your pics of River. Hard to believe it's been 4 years. He is one special little boy and I know the Lord has something so special for him (& for all of your children).