Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wylder Davis at 2 years old

Now that Wylder is right at 2.5 years old I thought Id love to also remember him at this age

phew. Where do I start.

Wylder is basically such-a-2-year-old! ha. He has changed and grown so much from when he first turned 2. .. the same as his brother .. he seems SO much older than a 2 year old to me. I often have to remind myself, he is only 2.. the way he is behaving or what he is doing is normal for a 2 year old!

I thought for a while that I may not survive him as a 2 year old but Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (praise God.. he has helped me so much as Im not normally patient enough in these situations.. he has helped me be patient or see through the tantrum to what is really going on!) I see Wylder learning to control his emotions, learning to apologize, or use his words instead of screaming or throwing his body around. Its seriously helped tremendously!!

Wylder is also his fathers son. In so many ways he is just a mini-version of Freeland. He is passionate, emotional, loving, tender hearted, dramatic, intense, and affectionate.

He is social and doesnt mind being the center of attention. But recently he has become more reserved and doesnt interact as much when we are out at bible study or places he thinks I may leave. I think its just a stage. I remember River doing the same thing. But it was strange to see "Mr. Mayor" all the sudden be shy! ha. He is definitely attached to his mama right now. He has a hard time if I drop him off at bible studies or at church.. but he just started saying "you'll always come back to get me" (thank you Daniel the Tiger!!) and its helped a lot. In the right timing and situation he loves walking around talking to people and showing off Chapel to everyone or saying hi to everyone that walks by. If he is comfortable and in his element he walks around talking to every single person in the room and lights up being the center of attention.

Wylder loves drawing, coloring and painting. I was shocked when he started showing interest in those things but he could sit all morning and do it. he also loves to read. Just the other day he randomly knew every single letter we asked him about. Today he wrote M & W. He can count to 20 and he knows all his colors. Id love to say I taught him those things but I dont think I did. And Im not going to name any names .. but he didnt learn it from his brother either because Im pretty sure his brother doesnt know all his letters currently.Ha! 

He also LOVES football at the moment. He's maybe seen it on our computer twice but he talks about it all the time and cracks us up pretending to play it. He loves playing anything River is playing with and he loves cars, blocks, playing in the kitchen, and trains. 

His favorite bible stories are Moses, David & Goliath, and Noah. He loves carrying this little bible around. he calls it his "stories" and takes it everywhere. 

I love that the Lord has made Wylders personality bold and strong. Its easy to see certain qualities about him. He can be so tender hearted and compassionate and then so intense and crazy the next! ha. He makes me laugh because when he is upset but then has to apologize he will yell "FINE! IM SORRRRRYYYYY BROTHER!" (he gets that from me.. not freeland if you were curious) He's not good at hiding if he really isnt sorry. But its also so easy to read him and see what he is thinking and how he feels.

I dont think we realized when we gave him his name how prophetic it would be!  I really do think he will be wild and free.. and I dont mean that as wild and rebellious..  I mean that I think he will be wild and passionate and I think he will love with his entire heart and my prayer is that he always feels and knows the freedom he has in Christ. I pray he knows the adventure his life will have when he follows him and walks in boldness and allows the Lord to give him the desires, dreams, and passions of his heart. I pray that he is always compassionate and loving and fierce and intense at the same time. What a mighty mighty way he will be able to love and serve people and the Lord when you combine all those things! Praise God!

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