Thursday, March 27, 2014

the one time she got the bath all to herself

its rare that any of our kids get to take a bath by themselves.. especially chapel.

I think this was because she didnt nap and I was trying to push her until bed time without melting down.. but I didnt have it in me to throw all 3 kids in.  I took the opportunity to snap some pictures because these are just sweet moments of every day life that I do truly enjoy. Even when Im exhausted, frustrated, tired and doubtful.. I do enjoy it.

She especially enjoyed having the entire tub to herself. Although I do think she prefers her brothers to be in there with her.

(these are from December so that is why she looks so much younger if you're curious)

dont look too happy Chapel. (bedtime.. she was done)

*I realize Im hardly ever in pictures so Im slowly but surely making an attempt to try to be in them with the kids & forget that I dont have makeup on, havent brushed my hair, Im wearing a hoodie from high school, and Im almost certain I hadnt brushed my teeth yet even though it was 6:00pm. ;)

Also, I apparently love bath pictures because I have way too many posts with them. And Im really creative and named almost all of them Splish Splash.
Its getting a little crowded in here
squeaky clean
Splish Splash
not to be confused with other splish splash
finally a child who loves the bath

.. and Im sure there are more that I missed. ;)


  1. She looks so much like Freeland! Man, y’all sure know how to make cute kiddos!! :)

  2. Chapel is adorable!!

    Side note: I have that EXACT same sweatshirt from HS, too! What color is yours? Mine is a coral/light pink. Although yours is in MUCH better shape. Mine is torn by the front collar and there are holes at the cuffs.