Tuesday, March 4, 2014

River James at 3 years old

(tired of these pics yet? Im not so here they are)

I thought, for my own sake, I wanted to stop and remember River at this age. He is 3 and soon to be 4 before we know it.

In so many ways he is my easiest child.. and my hardest child. But overall, I like this age and the fun, freedom, and life it brings to the party. River doesnt seem like a 3 year old to me.. and most people assume he is older (because of his height) but I know I will look back and think even though he seemed so old he was "just a baby" still!

He has changed so much this last year.. I think its both a mix of just growing up and also him being in preschool. He is so much more social and so much more outgoing. The other day while we were out he was playing with a girl who was maybe 8? When she had to leave he shook her hand and told her "thank you for playing with me" I was cracking up. So polite and grown up.. and something he never would have been able to do before. He can still be shy and timid but its more rare and he usually warms up really quickly.

He currently loves: to work, build things, or help with anything. He loves golf, basketball, throwing, crashing things, chasing, playing the guitar, drawing, talking about poop or any body function or potty humor ;), getting to cook or bake with us, and wrestling with daddy.. oh and he loves dance parties. I wouldn't say he is obsessed with any one thing in particular: super heroes, a certain character, trucks, etc. He just likes it all. He also still likes puzzles, crafts, painting and drawing. I feel like because of preschool he loves even more things but he also doesnt have the attention span for it like he used to because he gets to do it a lot more now. I feel led to be teaching him more scripture memory and bible stories because (like all kids) he soaks them up and can memorize and retain them better than I can. His favorite story in the bible is normally about Joseph and his coat and how he can interpret dreams and how the Lord used him to save His people. He also loves the story of Jesus being born too and its still a favorite to hear him tell it. 

He still naps. Some days for a long time and some days its short. He can go without it if we need him to but I would never ask him to drop it if he still takes it - so thats where we're at.

His love for Chapel has grown so much. I think now that he realizes she can play with him and do what he wants he really loves it. He is SO helpful with her... and Im so thankful. He loves to celebrate and encourage her. And his best friend is definitely wylder. (or Luke or Sullivan from his school)

He says when he grows up he wants to either be a fireman or a Texan! ha. He's also starting to understand husbands and wives.. and is at the adorable age where he says he wants to marry mommy when he grows up. He asks questions all the time.. remembers way too much that it puts the fear of God in me.. he randomly ask me if I have a baby in my tummy all the time. (he tells us he wants another baby in our family often) He is curious and inquisitive and loves making up stories and "teaching" us things all the time. (like he loves teaching us about fire safety or why he needs certain stuffed animals in his bed.. etc.)

He is becoming a better eater. Slowly trying new things and slowly eating more at each meal. I honestly dont fight my kids on meals because with all their ages together and the mix of it all I would basically fight them all for hours EVERY NIGHT and I prefer to enjoy my children and pick my battles so we all enjoy our time together. Thankfully that has worked for us and just asking him to try things now that he is older works.

I feel like River has the gift of compassion, encouragement and the ability to see things others cant always see. (at least it seems that way & Im believing for it)  He is a normal rambunctious (often stubborn) toddler who has attitude or forgets he isnt allowed to throw trucks at other kids if he gets hyped up at church.. but he is also so great at following rules and knowing boundaries and understanding when we tell him something. He feels loved when we spend one on one time together or when we all as a family go out and do something together.. (like getting ice cream or going to chick-fil-a.) He loves celebrating anything and everything. Is there a gift of celebration because River would be alllll over that gift. He loves to encourage and support people. He loves having people over to our house and even loves getting the house ready to have people over. I tell him all the time what a wonderful man and husband he will be one day. He is without a doubt a servant hearted little boy. I see so many qualities in him that I pray the Lord continues to grow in him. My prayer for him is that he would be brave, joyful, and know how to honor the Lord and those around him. I pray that his revelation and relationship with the Lord grows deep and that at a young age he continues to learn to hear the Lords voice & love for him. I pray that because of his love for the Lord that he will always have a desire to walk in obedience to whatever the Lord calls him to do.. no matter how crazy, radical, or even how 'normal' it may be! And I pray he knows what an adventure his life will be as he follows Jesus and says yes to him.

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