Monday, March 17, 2014

our first school valentines in the books.


St. Patricks day seems like a good time to post about valentines, no?

Well, I survived my first year with a child doing valentines parties at school. River's preschool actually doesnt do a ton of themed parties or holiday parties. (no cowboy, pajama, crazy hair, dr. suess day.. no Christmas party.. its a liberal school people.. we gotta serve the masses here.. which actually works beautifully in some ways. also, im joking about the liberal thing.. although I have been told thats why they do it) I used to be a little sad that they dont do a ton of those things. (they do other WONDERFUL things!) But after Valentines I realized it is actually to my benefit because when all 3 kids are in school I cant be doin 100 themed days for all of them. I dont have the time or outfits for it! ha.

However, it was super fun to do it this year. It felt like a new milestone as a mom .. school parties! They encourage having the kids do their own valentines to pass out. I had no idea what that really meant so we just went with it.

The week started off with the "special persons night" at school. They do this for parents who arent able to always be up at the school to get to come see the class and the child gets to show them all the things they do (SO thankful they do this at night instead of 'daddy and me donuts' or 'grandparents day' because otherwise.. Im not sure we could participate) so anyway, obviously River picked Freeland to go with him to class:


They both got all dressed up. (note: this is Rivers most favorite outfit. Not kidding. he thinks the sweater is so comfortable and LOVES when he gets to wear it) He loved getting to get dressed up and his excitement was out the roof that he got to do something special with daddy. He knew it was an important night. I loved that.





Then on Wednesday they had their valentines party.

Here are Rivers valentines:


Again, he school said they suggested we make the valentines.. and they have a no candy policy so I had no idea what that meant other kids were doing. We did the valentines together obviously.. I wet the doilies and let him 'paint' them with markers. Then glued it to construction paper and glittered it up.

I actually loved getting to make the valentines. I dont mind it. (even though we did them at the LAST SECOND and finished them right before we left for school) Im all for store bought too because its just as exciting for the kids. They dont care. But, it was fun for me & River enjoyed it so we did it. But when there are 3 kids in school and larger classes.. Im pretty sure we wont be making 100's of these. ;)







I couldn't help myself when I saw bouncy balls were only $3 at target for a pack of 12.. and those printables were free.. I had to throw these in for his class.. Chapel almost gave River a black eye when he took them away from her to take to school.




When he got home from school he opened up all his valentines. Celebrating holidays through your kids eyes is just awesome. He was amazed at all the cards his friends made :




Then on Friday we celebrated valentines.. in which I remembered that morning and threw together breakfast. River was convinced he already celebrated valentines because of school so he didnt know why we were doing it again. And Im also going to tell you that was a box mix of pancakes that I made.. and they devoured them.. more then when I do homemade pancakes. So lesson learned .. never do the homemade ones again. ha



Then we quickly did a valentine for daddy:




That afternoon we hung out as a family. Our friends son was over re-stringing his guitar. And it was his 16th birthday so we got to quickly celebrate and tell him happy birthday!


The kids LOVE when Mateo is here and they love when Mateo pulls out his guitar. Here is daddy playing for the kids:


watching Mateo sing..

That night Freeland & I ordered a pizza and watched us some Sherlock. It was a great way to end the night!

And in the spirit of adorable lovey dovey-ness... these 2 giving kisses ALL the time:


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  1. Your kiddos are adorable :) Valentine's Day is the best - looks like you all had a fun day! Also, I love your handwriting! River's name looks printed on his V-Day bag....mine would never be that crisp and clear!