Friday, March 28, 2014

I will remember this ... and I will resolve to do that..

I will always remember that in 2013 I: 

grew. I said it last year but I take it back. I grew more this year.. as a woman, wife, mother, and daughter of Jesus.
The first time in 4 years that I didnt get pregnant. 
The first time I potty trained a child - mommy milestone
The year Freeland started his 2nd year of residency. 
The year Freeland went back to Kenya for the 3rd time. 
The year we started eating healthy (seems we are finally growing up)
The year I gave up dairy & caffeine (temporarily. but it felt huge at the time)
which led to The first time we tried eating a paleo diet for 30 days straight. intense and easy at the same time.
The first time we took a 20 hr road trip with all 3 kids.. and all still loved each other afterwards.
The year I started CBS (Community Bible Study. its been sooo good)
The year I heard from the Lord in big ways
The year the Lord reminded us to dream big.. and say yes
The first time we sent a child off to school (preschool) 
The year we had guests about 2 times every month (awesome!) 
The year I turned 30 and had the best birthday ever. 
The year we cleaned out our house and gave about 40 bags away of stuff
The year we started our garden and redid our porch in the back
The first year we survived having 3 kids .. and loved it
The last time I may ever BF a child (sorry if thats TMI)
speaking of.. it was also the year I sprayed BM all over my doctor. Gotta remember that one as it was HILARIOUS. (and embarrassing)
The year we stopped watching TV all together.
The year we became more flexible as parents.  
The year the Lord made my friendships even more fruitful and richer
The year our marriage grew the most and saw the most fruit probably
And the year that River accepted Jesus into his heart. (

I will resolve to do that... 

Continue to say yes and walk in obedience to the Lord
Grow in prayer and interceding for those around me
Go on a vacation without our kiddos for the first time EVER since being parents.
Continue to cheer on Freeland as he starts his 3rd yr of residency
Continue to cook clean and healthy meals for our family
Rejoice as Freeland gets to serve in the Dominican for the first time (already happened ;) 
START to hopefully take care of my body (working out)
Continue to seek vision and revival for myself & those around me
Pray as we send our 2nd child off for his first year of school
Commit to new exciting things and say no to things the Lord is asking me to
Drink more water (see above.. taking care of my body)
Learn & memorize more scripture with our kids
Put down my phone more. (Ive found so much freedom in this already)
Sadly, I resolute to not raise my voice at my children. 
Which leads to.. Im begging for more patience. 
Grow in being more humble, honest, and vulnerable
Dream even bigger
More dance parties (per Rivers request) 
More celebrations (with our family & our friends) 
Work to enjoy bedtime with my children instead of rushing through it
We will most likely have kids sharing a room.. and I resolute to let go of control and enjoy that season too ;)
Freeland will possibly go back to Kenya.. and I will resolute to celebrate that and not be jealous! ha
Pray & fast over decisions even more.
Step way outside my comfort zone of trusting the Lord. 

I looked back at last years post and was amazed. I wrote that I felt like the Lord was calling me to grow in discipline and be faithful to the things he was putting in front of me. I dont think at the time I really realized how true that would be. He did grow me in discipline and being faithful SO much. And now I see he was growing me in those area's for something so much more. 

I dont think Ive ever done one of those "words for the year." In my head last year I knew my 'word' was discipline. But it was just more what I felt like my season was. And that turned in to learning about obedience. I learned first about DELAYED OBEDIENCE.. still being DISOBEDIENCE! whooooops. Tesheba taught me that phrase and I love it. So last year I think I grew so much in discipline, obedience, and being faithful to what the Lord is calling me to.. Its been fruitful and challenging. Im so so so grateful. 

Here is what I wrote last year: "I feel strongly that this year the Lord is calling me to grow in discipline this year and to be faithful with things he has put in front of me. I also feel like he is showing me a few places of insecurity that I have and Im so thankful he is giving me confidence in those places. Im praying for wisdom this year and continued vision for our family. I truly feel that we are in a season of seeking him, growing, and just saying "yes" to whatever he has. So those are the things so far this year he has laid on my heart for myself and for our family."  Im sorry.. what? That was so spot on. And I had NO IDEA what lied ahead for us. It makes me so thankful that not only do I journal (like literally, I write in a journal) and that I also blog these things. God is so unreal how he begins to stir things in our hearts that he desires to do and fulfill.. in ways we dont expect or imagine either. He truly partners with us.

So Ive been thinking about this year and what lies ahead.(for the last *almost* 4 months since its umm practically April now) Why does it take me so long to hash these things out and get clarity and put words to it? I have no idea. But its the way it is. I feel like this year the Lord is asking me to trust him. To step out in faith in some pretty huge ways and rely on him. I know practical ways he is asking me to do that.. but I sense he will surprise me, as the Lord does, and ask me to trust him in ways I cant imagine right now. In ways that are harder to trust. I feel like he is calling us to a place of deeper intimacy with him in prayer and interceding for people. And he is growing us in more of a personal way this year (meaning he is calling me personally.. on my own .. in the quiet.. and unseen ways..) to be faithful and meet with him. Which is obvious. I know he desires that in our relationship. But I feel like he is calling me to a deeper place in that to experience him and grow in our relationship in those moments. I also feel like this will be a year of restoration and revival.. personally & corporately & in relationships and people all over. THAT I am excited about. All of that may not make sense. Its all in my heart. But I get the vision for it and Im excited for what lies ahead. Here's to the rest of 2013 (since we're already almost 1/3 the way through! ;)

And for my own record, or if you are interested for some reason,  here are all my other list from each year: (because my first few list when I began these were a lot funnier and not nearly as serious)

2011 --> i skipped. deeern. 

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  1. "God is so unreal how he begins to stir things in our hearts that he desires to do and fulfill.. in ways we don't expect or imagine either. " Psalm 37:4-not that we get whatever we want. it doesn't say that, it says as we delight in Him -(ready for this?!) He gives us HIS desires-puts them into our hearts. THIS is just what you wrote about. those desires were not of you! They were of Him and continue/grow as you delight in Him!!! thrills me so!

    re: prayer: have been burdened in this way much. been seeking a prayer partner..