Wednesday, February 12, 2014

as of late ..


because I have no pictures to share .. you get to see this one. Freeland & I.

I havnt updated (and mostly havnt CARED to update) in a long time.

I still dont really.

But I had a second so I thought I would.

I feel like the Lord is doing A LOT right now. A lot of wonderful, exciting, and incredible things. Things only he can do. Things that take me stopping and paying attention to. But when I do stop and pay attention.. and my eyes are opened .. I am floored by what he is doing.

For the last 1.5 years he has radically spoken to me. Well, to us. (obviously) And its been really unreal and moves me to my knees because I feel like its just so gracious of Him. But the things Im mostly floored by right now is that he isnt just speaking those things to US. He is speaking them to people all around me.. and to people all over the country. I cant fully wrap my mind around it. And Im still processing it. But Im encouraged. The God we serve is REAL, ALIVE, and ACTIVE. He is SO loving and kind and gracious. He is setting people free. He is moving. He is bringing his favor to people. He is restoring people. And he isnt just doing it in our home.. or just in cleveland.. he is doing it all over.

I, like thousands of other women, watched the If Gathering this last weekend. And the Lord just sealed the deal for me. Things he had been speaking for the last 1.5  years through our church, through 2 different bible studies, through friends, through his word.. he just respoke and encouraged and Im still in awe. Like I said, im still processing. Hashing it out. Im sure I will have so much to share. But I'll share as the Lord leads me too. I do know over the last year he woke up a ton of dreams in my heart. He is graciously giving me a ton of desires to believe for. He is teaching me, molding me, equipping me, and showing me areas I need to repent in and things I need to let go of too. Its good. Im excited. (eeerrr, if you cant tell) Im seriously just sold out on the vision he is giving me & so many others. Im just believing God..  So praise the Lord.

But thats the short version of it all. (also, blah, I feel the need to point out.. I dont say any of those things to boast in anything.. anything at all.. but the Lord. Life is no where near perfect these days. We have a ton of heart ache, struggles, and hard things we're believing for .. but in the midst of all that and through God's word and holy spirit he is meeting us and encouraging us in some deep & real ways.. so Im boasting in the Lord and proclaiming his goodness!)

I really do hope to actually sit down and write out a lot of this soon.

Other than that.. Freeland & I celebrated 9 years of dating on January 27th. River just celebrated his first valentines at school and loved it. Wylder is finally able to walk into Rivers classroom happily & leave happily too. (it took 6 months of him being so upset he couldnt stay and play) Im so so so proud of him. Chapel just started walking this week. She also got her first black eye.. (unrelated to the walking) The boys also have been trying to share a room. I think we will ummm stop doing that and try again this summer when Wylder is closer to 3. Its been sweet and Im thankful for their relationship and that they want to be with each other though.  We have some friends & family all coming to stay soon and Im excited about that too.

and thats the short of all of it. Phew. Thanks for chugging along with me on that one! ;)

*PS: if youre local and want to get together with me & some of my friends to watch the IF Gathering together we will be doing that soon.. I can let you know when and youre welcome to join us. 


  1. Love love love what God is doing in you and through you friend! He is so good and so gracious! :) Grateful for you, free and the kiddos in my life even if it is from a distance. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart. Let me know when you watch the IF Gathering and I'll see if I can come up. Love you girl!