Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chapel Joy at 12 months .. also known as 1 years old.


I guess now she is almost 14 months old. But even better as her personality just continues to shine & shine.




The little miss is officially one. Which we have discussed and celebrated her birthday. But I never posted her pictures so I thought I better share them. Also, let me just mention, I cant believe I actually took monthly pictures of her! (Well, starting at 6 months) But Im shocked I was able to keep it going. I guess I just enjoy taking them so it wasnt a big deal. But Im surprised. And I wish I had done it with all our kids. (3rd child for the win!)

She still loves playing "how cute is Chapel:"


"soooooooo cute."

She also loves to do "how old is chapel" and point her little finger up. She is full of tricks I tell ya.

she is feisty, playful, silly, rambunctious, gentle, and smart.

She loves when her brothers are going wild around her. She loves when everyone is laughing. She loves to eat. She loves to jump, swing around, and she seems to love to rough house too. As long as its her brother bumpin her around she doesnt mind it.

Also - she has hit Wylder 2 or 3 times now. Its shocking and slightly hilarious all at the same time.

I can see it will be hard to tell her no. I Do tell her no. But she is also just really cute and has this innocent look to her.. it makes it hard to be consistent.





Here you can see what she wanted to do the entire time I was trying to take pictures:





All she ever wants to do is jump & play. If she is fussy I can almost always just put her on the couch to jump and she is happy. Or I can turn on the vacuum. Girl loves her some vacuuming. These days she is the happiest if she is jumping on the couch, crawling over a pile of pillows on the ground & rolling around, being held by mommy, "chasing" her brothers, or drinking milk, dancing or 'singing'. She also loves when daddy come home from work. Her face is priceless.

There are moments these days she is unhappy too:



say... if you take away a cell phone from her, dont let her climb the stairs by herself (MISS INDEPENDENT) or if you sometimes just set her down. Its cute & sad & pitiful & adorable all at the same time. Its funny to see her start to throw fits. She knows how to work her magic... and Im going to assume thats because for the last 12 months she has been watching her brothers do the same exact thing. Ha. But really, so far she doesnt throw fits often. And they are SO short lived when she does. (PRAISE JESUS)


Most her fits normally turn into this:


Her all the sudden playing around.




She is still napping twice a day. Her first nap is shorter & shorter so Im sure soon she will move to one. Her brothers didnt until 16 months & 18 months so whatever works for her works for me. She's flexible when I need to her to be so I appreciate her schedule the days were home too.

She loves most food. She's been drinking milk for a long time now. It took us trying 3 times I think? But by the 3rd time she was just fine. (the first 2 times she had something viral and something else.. which I couldnt tell if it was the milk bothering her or something else so we just kept taking our time.. thankfully we held out because she really loves her some milk)

She babbles off and on. Her first words were daddy, hi, and night night. Now she sounds like she is trying to say River, waffle, more, thank you, and a few others. its pretty cute.



The same as all moms & all families, we cant imagine ours without her. She brings a WHOLE LOTTA JOY to our family. The boys love her more today than they did the day they met her. (which was a lot then) Its sweet to see them with her. And its sweet to see her with them.







Id say those last few pictures pretty well summarized her personality.

Here is how I found her at the end of trying to take all these:


girl wanted a nap.


I love having a daughter. I love having Chapel Joy. I feel deep inside me that she will be brave and courageous. I believe that feeling is from the Lord.. to believe for and speak in to her life. It makes me really excited to think about why the Lord gives me that stirring for her..  It makes me wonder what the Lord will use her for and how she will be brave and courageous and strong.. especially seeing how gentle and sweet she is at the same time. I pray she is exactly who the Lord created her to be. I pray that Freeland & I shepherd her in that direction and teach her above all to know she is loved, to know who she is, and to say yes to the Lord. 


  1. You're the sweetest mama, Brooke! She's beautiful!! And next year I want to be on your Christmas card list!!! :)

  2. Such a precious girl! I love seeing her sweet personality in your pictures! I am curious how you transitioned to cow's milk... we will be starting that journey soon and I would love to pick your brain since you've done it three times!! If you have any info you want to share you can send it to my email