Friday, January 24, 2014

10,000 diapers and still trying to think about 2014


Is it almost February? I think Im still processing 2013 and trying to think about 2014 and per usual Im late to the game. I feel like there is so much to share and tell you all about ;)

My only goal I know so far is that I want to drink more water. Yep, thats it. (24 days in and Im still failing at the one goal I know I want to do. ha)

Im still waiting and asking the Lord what his dreams and desires are for 2014. I know some broad ones and have ideas of what it will look like and I know some huge things we're saying yes to .. but I know myself and I know I need something to focus in on more or I'll get lost in it all. Thankfully, I know he will provide clarity soon. He always does.

My dad came in town last weekend to visit. We had a great time. The kids played golf the entire weekend. Then this whole week I have been sick. (cold or flu? No idea) Im finally on the mend but still down for the count.

Also, side note: my dad is a numbers guy. (if you know him.. you know this) while he was here he did the math and realized we have most likely in 3 years changed 10,000 diapers.



and we arent done yet people. thats just funny. 

In the meantime I dont think I ever shared any of these pictures. We did a mini-session with a local photographer to have family pictures taken. This is the first time all 5 of us have been in a picture like this. Im really thankful for them. We gave them to family as christmas gifts too so that was a blessing.

I know you have seen this one from our christmas card..

but you havent seen this one:

lil nuggets

We got a handful with our session so I'll share those soon... I mean I got to make them last right?


  1. You have the most gorgeous family! Love the sofa shot with all 5 of you...simply stunning!

  2. Momma! You are so tiny and beautiful!! Love all the photos and can't wait to see more!

  3. you have such a beautiful family, sweet friend. i'm still processing 2014 too... reading restless by jennie allen and it's really helping get focused for the year & for my life in general. :) xoxo.