Monday, December 23, 2013

visiting santa & how we celebrate


Guys, want to know the best trick going to visit santa.. go on Black Friday. Nobody takes their children with them shopping on black friday.. therefore there is NEVER a line. This is the second time we've done this and its worked like a charm. Also, if you purchase the package online you get ALL the pictures for the same price you would get just one at the mall.

This year was interesting because I wasnt sure what River would think meeting santa.

We never hype santa up at our house. But he's definitely talked about and he loves the idea of Santa.

Ive learned (or Im learning) no matter how much you dont focus on him or talk about him.. there is no way of hiding him from a child. Unless they dont leave the house in December? One little glimpse of him and children want to know and talk about him all the time.. which is a beautiful picture actually oh how Jesus is to a child too.

So we tell our kids about Saint Nicholas. And how that is who Santa is modeled after.. and that he comes to celebrate Jesus just like Saints do.

Its what works for us - not saying it is what everyone has to do.. but its been a sweet year focusing on it that way. Im sure it will evolve as our children get older and ask more questions.

Ive felt the most freedom this Christmas once I just went with what I felt the Lord was stirring our hearts to do as a family. (we've focused on advent only and whatever activities naturally happened when time allowed we have done them.. but we havent busied ourselves with them and its been SO SO SO good) And Ive seen my children get Christmas and Jesus and celebrating his birth more than ever before this year too.

So, I wasnt sure what River would think meeting Santa. I realized the IDEA of Santa was much more magical than actually meeting him. He was excited & he did love it .. but when he talks about Santa he gets a lot more excited. Wylder still doesnt fully grasp it. He was excited and then his emotions took over and he was ... lets just say emotional. ha. Chapel was okay one second and then not the rest of the time.

Also, my mom & Mark were with us. Dont know how we could have gone without them once tantrums and fits took over. They walked the kids over to the water fountains after meeting santa and Im pretty sure the water fountains were just as awesome to them as santa was. So there is that.

Here is how it went down:





mommy jumping up and down trying to help. NOT HELPING.



Here is the picture from last year. Seems like so much changes and doesnt change at the same time.

Here is the first year of River visiting Santa. 
Here is the second year with River & Wylder.

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