Monday, December 9, 2013

trimming the tree with the kids


We put our tree up the first on November this year .. but for some reason it took us until WAY after thanksgiving to get it decorated. It felt so late. We love having our tree up (along with the rest of the world.. who doesnt?) so I want to enjoy it as long as possible. I assume it will stay out even later this year because of it.

Anywho, the boys had a blast helping Freeland. Its fun to see Wylder get even more into this year along with River. I love how they are both such wonderful helpers and love coming along side what we're doing.









after we got it all set up we realized only the bottom string of lights still worked. Here is River trying to figure out what to do:




after Chapel woke up she played along too. Although thankfully, she really isnt all too aware of the tree and doesnt take that much interest in it! (all our ornaments are glass so this is a good thing!)





decorating the tree with toys!


We left the tree with just one row of lights for a good solid 2 weeks probably while Freeland tried to fix the lights off & on as he could. Then it occurred to Freeland to just go buy new lights. (umm duh?! Why didnt we think of that the first day)



above: a common face I see on River.. Bossing Wylder around (telling him not to go behind the tree)
below: a common face I see on Wylder.. telling River no! ha


Then that night, after the worlds longest battle over dinner.. also known as chicken nuggets, we decorated the tree. It took a few attempts and a few adjusted attitudes probably from all of us. But we got her done.. and even with the kids help:





Wylder saying "cheeeeese" taking my picture!



We were able to put little mini tree's in each of the kids room's this year and we also have a little mini tree in the basement with all our family ornaments on it. The kids LOVE that one.

I'll have to take pictures of all of that soon. Its all flying buy and like everyone else we are staying busy. We celebrated thanksgiving with my mom & mark in town, had chapels birthday party, and our sweet friends Russ & Corinne came to visit us this last weekend. I'll have to share all those pictures soon!

Christmas has been so much fun this year with the boys though. We've kept it simple so far but been much better at being intentional. Im sure we still have so much more room to grow and so much to learn about shepherding them (and ourselves) through this season. But its been fun to see them understand it even more.. to see them love the magic of it all.. santa included.. but to also see them start to understand that Christmas is really about the birth of Jesus.

I love hearing them starting to repeat the story of Mary & Joseph.. we've done advent with them every night and they are loving it. We've also done a few little activities too.. but I tried to focus more on the advent and staying intentional about that instead of overwhelming ourselves with activities (like last year) so we do the activities as we can. (last night we painted, the other day we made cards, we'll do a gingerbread house this week.. etc) They *mostly* love sitting down at night and doing the advent though. And last week my friend Nicole brought me an advent she made that goes along with a jesse tree & the Jesus Storybook Bible.. so we switched to that and we all love it even more. Freeland & I are almost in tears each night when we read them the stories out of that bible because they are So.Stinkin.Good. and the Lord speaks through them (even to us) SO well. Im not kidding - we both tear up. God's words and story is so relevant and living and active that even in the childrens bible it blows me away.

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  1. Awwww... Love this and we love your family!!! So glad you are loving the Advent ornaments!!!