Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the rest of my mom & marks visit

As I mentioned before, my mom & mark were here for Thanksgiving and Chapel's birthday. They drove up and were able to stay for the week.

Let me just say, driving has its benefits! The came bearing gifts: 5 things of blue bell ice cream, lone star beer, kolaches, and rudy's bbq! UMM AMAZING! (also all the christmas gifts, quilts, and family dishes!)

Here are the kids unloading the ice cream:


we only have 1/2 of a gallon left already. Oh man oh man is it so good!

They brought 3 gallon size bags of kolaches. They were gone by the end of the week (along with the massive amounts of BBQ they brought too.)

River pretty much ate his weight in kolaches too:


Wylder was sick at the beginning of the week so he just cuddled almost the entire time:


Chapel got to open her birthday presents with her grandparents - not often that happens!




They also delivered ALL of our Christmas gifts. (From them, my dad & tracy, and nana & pop) River pretty much woke up in SHOCK. We heard when can we open gifts approximately 80038204 times.. but they eventually got it:

My mom also brought me quilts that were her Mimi's and her mimi's old dishes - that happen to go PERFECTLY with dishes I already have.



Beautiful right? See - driving has its perks!! (yes, im trying to talk you ALL in to driving!!)

Our old neighbor had gifted us his kids old train track (from probably 20 years ago) on Thanksgiving morning Mark & Freeland set it up for the boys:











They LOVED it! However.. the track quickly broke - along with all the trains. So it didnt last long. But while it did they had a blast.

We also let them open a few christmas gifts so my mom & mark could at least see them do a few. We took them down the basement so they didnt expect to open every gift under the tree. Id say it was a huge hit:


"boys.. do you want to come down and open just a couple of gifts?"


they darted down the stairs! ha



a huge bag of dress up clothes




and then my nana & pop got them this HUGE package of super hero activities. I mean its HUGE.

And River's reaction was priceless. Im sure it was a mix of how big it was, that it was stickers, painting, coloring, etc.. and then especially because it was super heroes. I wish I had it on video.. imagine shock, jumping, saying "oh my goodness" ...



and then of course.. we had to go play:




It was a great week. Low key with kids sick. But lets be honest - its always low key here.

Freeland & I even got to go out on a date... TO A MOVIE! We had other things we had to get done too (I had a ticket for ROLLING through a stop sign that I had to go to court for! Ohio doesnt kid around about tickets people) so it was also a blessing having them here to help with the kids.

As always it went by way too fast. When River asked me the other day about going to see a friends house and I told him we couldn't because they live far away .. he said "why does EVERYBODY live far away."  Um, broke my heart. Its so true. And its so sad. But its okay! Oh and last night we were looking at Christmas lights and Freeland was telling the boys "you know the good thing about Texas... " (and was about to follow it up by saying there were even more houses with Christmas lights there) and Wylder jumped in and said "BAPA IS IN TEXAS!" ha .. that boy loves Bapa!

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