Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The little Chapel Apple that I will always remember

I snapped these awhile ago and just came across them. These are the faces I hope I always have ingrained in my memory of Chapel at this stage.

She is funny.

She squeals and laughs the most when her brothers are hyped up and running wild.. or when she is jumping on the couch. oh dear.


First: lets discuss this mullet. I have no idea what Im doing when it comes to a little girls baby hair.


for some reason in my head we need to cut it because:
1. its a mullet...
2. if we cut it I think it will grow faster?

No idea if that is actually true but for whatever reason its my theory. Am I alone in this? Freeland wont cut it because it actually has the sweetest little curls in the back normally. I agree. But its also in that sweet little baby-almost-little-girl scraggly split end stage. ;)

Also - it already tangles like crazy. Lord help me what am I going to do when she actually has a full head of hair to brush through every single day.


and here is how I will always remember Chapel (and her little expressions):







My personal favorite and the face she makes the most especially when she is excited, when she sees daddy walk in the door or when her brothers play with her:


good golly.. I think she has us all wrapped around her finger.

Also, she hits Wylder all the time now!

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