Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year for Thanksgiving my mom & Mark were in town. They DROVE up the weekend before (just in time for Chapels birthday party) and were here the entire week. It was a busy week with Thanksgiving, friends, chapels birthday, going to court for a silly ticket (rolling through a stop sign-blah!), attending my friends movie premiere, doing pictures for another friend - which was fun, and just life happening.

Per usual, the kids were all sick. This time with something viral that caused them all to have a 105 degree temperature and soars in their throat. (but it wasnt strep throat) They were all pretty miserable.. Chapel & Wylder especially.

Freeland was on call on Thanksgiving. He had to be up early to roud in the morning. But to be honest, at this point I cant even remember if he went in or not? Ha. All the call-days start to combine I feel like. (He will remember if he went in) He did get paged 8 gazillion times - I do remember that.

Our plans were to all go over to my friend Nicole's house and celebrate with her family & the Oliver's. But once the kids were sick plans changed. My mom & Mark graciously offered to stay with the kids while we still went instead.

So, freeland & I enjoyed a thanksgiving meal and had actual conversations with adults without chasing children or cutting food or wiping mouths or being interrupted. It was amazing.

Then after, we went home and did it all over again with our family that afternoon.

It was a great day. SO MUCH FOOD. I loved it.

Nicole went all out decorating:







on the back of every one's place card she wrote what she was thankful for about them.




we went early for appetizers and drinks. 2 words = baked brie.



the men cutting the turkey and getting it all ready:






mike prepared some words ahead of time to discuss Thanksgiving. The kids superheroes were cracking me up. They did a great job listening too. And Mike did a wonderful job preparing our hearts as we all sat to eat together:







The food was amazing. Its been fun doing thanksgiving with friends every year (like in Erie) because everyone does it all slightly different. And I love it. Its always so good.



After we ate it was about time for our kiddos to wake up from naps so we headed home to do Thanksgiving as a family there. My mom & Mark were here.. I promise. They just arent in any pictures? I knew going into it that the only food my children would probably eat would be the rolls. And that was okay. We all had a peaceful meal and that worked for me. River did love the turkey. And one of these days they'll appreciate all the amazing food. Until then - MORE FOR US!




River mad the centerpiece at school. He was SO proud of it. The boys also helped set the table.. it was sweet. (after the stopped fighting over the forks)

My mom made the dressing & all the sides. I ate these leftovers for almost every meal for the next 4-5 days and Im going to go ahead and say it still wasnt enough. I couldve had even more!





and we of course finished off the night with our favorite pies. I love these pies. Its bittersweet as I really do love baking pies and the process of that (more than cooking the Thanksgiving meal) but I see no point when they wont taste as good as the pies we get from Simply Delicious Pies! (also, the line was out the door when I picked these up so it appears the rest of Cleveland has also caught on to how good these are.. which makes me so happy for them)


and do you see that sweet, glorious, heavenly container back there in the picture below:


you know what that is!?!?!? BLUE BELL HOMEMADE VANILLA ICE CREAM!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO US! A little taste of the south my friends!!  My mom & Mark brought 3 - 1/2 gallons & 3 pints with them! It doesnt get much better than pies & blue bell! Holy Moly.

A picture to prove they were actually here:



I'll post all the other pictures from Chapels birthday party and the rest of the week asap! ;)

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