Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Miles Adoption Day - 2 years later

I originally was going to share Chapels birthday party today but yesterday was the 2 year celebration of Miles officially being a Lynne. It reminded me that I never shared these pictures on here. So I wanted to post them on here so we can always have them here too. Sarah of course shared them on her blog back when we were all originally celebrating. 

It was such a special day.. of course especially for his parents.

Im almost thankful I didnt post these until now because they mean even more now going back and looking at them. Seeing all of us together.. getting to celebrate all the Lord was doing with and through the Lynne's. Seeing community, the relationships we had, remembering the emotion of the day, that season of life and how truly unique and wonderful it was. Seeing Miles so young and knowing him now.. I cried looking through these. I miss it all.

You can see the emotion in these pictures. Im thankful I can remember the emotion of being there. Thankful Sarah & Drew let us walk through this with them and celebrate with them. Thankful they said yes to the Lord. Thankful for Miles.

And now thankful for Shepherd and Juliona. And wishing we had stopped everything we were doing to be at their adoption day.


IMG_6377 copy


IMG_6358 copy



IMG_6443 copy


IMG_6447 copy

the cheering section of the court room! ;)

IMG_6449 copy

IMG_6439 copy1


IMG_6459 copy1

IMG_6465 copy1

IMG_6491 copy

IMG_6486 copy

IMG_6505 copy

IMG_6507 copy

IMG_6518-2IMG_6526 copy


IMG_6552 copy

IMG_6553 copy

IMG_6554 copy

IMG_6556 copy

IMG_6569 copy


IMG_6578 copy

IMG_6579 copy


IMG_6586 copy

IMG_6597 copy


IMG_6620 copy

IMG_6623 copy2

IMG_6626 copy

IMG_6630 copy


IMG_6643 copy

IMG_6665 copy


IMG_6668 copy

IMG_6675 copy

IMG_6676 copy

And since that day so many wonderful things have happened that I wish we could all be together and celebrate. Sarah & Drew are now a family of 5 and about to grow again as they are waiting for another child!! And I could go on & on about each of our friends from Erie and how the Lord has done a mighty work in their lives or their family has grown or is growing or is about to grow or what the Lord is doing in their children's life or in their marriage or relationships! Holy cow it makes me swell up with thankfulness. I love the Lord and our friends.


PS: There are even more pictures here if you are interested.

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  1. OMG. This made me cry like a baby. All the happiness. Melts my heart. How sweet <3