Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jesus' Birthday Cake.. also known as the Gingerbread House

Look at us.. 3 posts in one day! Im on fiiiiiiaaaaa.

This year I grabbed a gingerbread house from Trader Joes after one of the employee's told Freeland its one of their fastest selling things during Christmas.

The packaging is pretty adorable.. and the house is too. I get why they go fast. After doing it Im pretty sure we will stick with this one. Its cheaper than the ones at other stores and I was actually shocked that we had enough icing for the house. (we always seem to run out with other kits. Maybe its just us?)

Anyway.. The boys LOVED it so much this year.

PS: This hat will probably make an appearance in every picture going forward.. River loves it and barely takes it off. He even sleeps in it some nights! 




I did the icing for them. They just told me where to put it and then they did all the candy.








I wasnt sure how involved or patient wylder would be this year. And I was so thankful and so surprised that he LOVED doing it and totally got into it. Its so fun watching him start to love these things!




The finished house:




Halfway through making the house River kept telling me we were making & decorating a cake. I guess thats what he could relate this to (even though I dont think he's ever seen me decorate a cake? Because I dont think I can even ever remember decorating a cake in the last 3 years?) IRREGARDLESS, it was adorable.

Then he asked if it was Jesus' birthday cake! I told him sure. He kept talking about Jesus' birthday cake and how much Jesus was going to love it.

So I decided to go with it.. and just let the boys eat it after they decorated it .. because why waste all that candy & icing.. I dont need a gingerbread house to just sit in our house to harden up and do nothing with.. right?

I also went with it .. because it means I will never have to bake a cake and the boys can always assume this is the 'cake' we make and decorate for Jesus!

So after we finished decorating it we put a candle in it and sang to jesus:










They actually didnt love the gingerbread part .. so they ended up just picking off all the candy. Fine by me. It was still fun and sweet.

And just this morning we were talking to River & Wylder about tomorrow being Christmas and asked what that meant.. River told me it meant it was Jesus' birthday so now Jesus would finally get to eat his cake! ha .. he may be surprised when Jesus doesnt show up at our house tomorrow to eat his cake thats been sitting in dining room for the last 2 weeks! ;)

But I love how this year worked out. It will be fun to see if it starts a new tradition for us going forward!

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  1. First thing - 'irregardless' - I love that you're using it ;)

    We got the same gingerbread house to build with Parker and it was such a hit - the gingerbread was thick and dense enough that it held up to 3 year old hands! Horray! It turned out so cute, and I love how you blew out a candle to celebrate :) Parker pretty much just went straight into demolition mode.