Tuesday, December 24, 2013

friends come to visit and spoil us and our kids

I know I say it all the time.. but its true.. and Im just as shocked and thankful.. but we have the best friends. I seriously feel so fortunate and thankful because Im certain we do not deserve it!

Twice this month our friends came to visit us.

First Russ & Corinne came.. they drove from Missouri JUST to see us! Im sorry.. what? Yes, they are that loving and kind that they drove incredibly far to spend time with us and our kids! It was so refreshing and fun.

(Corinne posted about it on her blog here) 

They braved the snow/ice storm that took over the country and drove through it all to get here too!!

Per usual, we did nothing but hang out at the house.

First lets discuss how good 3 children look on them:


such naturals! ;)

Russ & Corinne were in the hospital (twice!) when River was born. So it was especially sweet for them to finally get to meet Chapel.. as I know they would have been at the hospital to meet her if they couldve been.

And per usual, they came spoiling our children! Even their parents sent gifts for our kids!

Seriously - the best.




The boys got their first duplo lego set. It was the hit of the weekend. Im not sure who had more fun with it .. them .. russ .. or myself. Its been fun watching them build and create with it since then too!

As I mentioned we got a ton of beautiful fluffy white snow. (while Texas and the rest of the country was covered in ice) So Corinne took one for the team and went outside with River to play in it! She made 800 snowballs for him to throw too!







We watched football, ate, snacked, relaxed, and ate even more food the entire weekend. Which basically in my book is a perfect weekend.

wylder.. like a little baby.. chillin in their laps.

Any friends who came by (to visit or just for dinner) in December got to do advent with us. Or maybe I should say.. they got to witness what it looks like to do advent with a 3, 2, and 1 year old! ha. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. But the boys LOVED Russ & Corinne reading to them afterwards! It was so sweet.




and before we knew it .. it was time to say goodbye.

Cry me a river. Its seriously so sad.

But - look how awesome this picture is of Freeland & Russ:
its a framer for sure!

however... ummm I guess I forgot to look in the mirror that morning. So just ignore my "i just woke up" face. Corinne - stunning per usual:


So so so thankful for their friendship. Truly relaxing and refreshing ALL the time. Next time you come my only request is that you bring your dog! ;)

Then the next weekend Kristen & Dan were in route from Colorado to New York and were SO incredibly thoughtful and made their way to Cleveland to see us too! I couldnt believe they would take time out of their trip home to spend with us! It was a blessing!! Im thankful they now live back in the states and CAN make the drive. (they just moved back from Hawaii.. and are now in Colorado) It ended up snowing like crazy and we were so thankful because we got extra time with them too and I was SO glad. It had been WAY too long!

And how good do 3 children look on them too:


Kristen is currently pregnant! And it was SO sweet to see her little bump and get to hear how she is feeling and talk about baby stuff all weekend. I loved it.

They also came with gifts for the kids too. People are so thoughtful! I have a lot to learn:




They brought our boys helicopters.. just like the one that Dan flies in the military! They were a huge hit! Both boys are still sleeping with them in their beds right now!!

and they brought Chapel a little puppy that looks just like Sydney (which River has currently snuck into bed with him even though he keeps saying he is going to give it back to Chapel ;)



Probably the highlight of the trip was that they brought their dog with them. Before the trip if you brought up a dog to Wylder he would say "puppy scares me" in the sweetest and saddest little voice so we werent sure how he would take to Sydney!

But by the afternoon he was smitten and LOVED the "friendly puppy!" it was ADORABLE. and *almost* made me want to get the boys a dog!




Chapel especially loved all of sydney's kisses




Im so thankful our house is constantly filled with friends in and out. Its such a blessing and its so refreshing. Im thankful our friends work hard to maintain our friendships and take time out of their just-as-busy schedules for us. They are all so faithful.

They boys are still talking about you both! Its so sweet. 

Thank you again SO much for coming to see us!!!! Please please please come back!!!! (yes, Im begging!)

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  1. Seeing this makes me both really happy and sad! Happy because it was such an amazing trip and visit, but sad because it went way too quickly and we are already missing you guys terribly!