Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The best thing Ive done with Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's


First of all, lets discuss that these are now in stores:


They are freelands favorite. FAVORITE. Like, I bought 2 boxes and he asked why I didnt buy more. Like, he wont share them with our children. Like, they sell out at Trader Joe's so if you are there and see them... GET THEM!

To be honest, I prefer the Oreo's candy cane one. But I havent met anyone else that agrees with me. Most people prefer the Joe Joe's. They have real pieces of candy canes in them.


(also side note: I do not like their normal Joe Joe's .. well I like them.. But I prefer regular oreos over the regular Joe Joe's. However.. the vanilla Joe Joe's are the bomb diggity. I totally prefer them over the vanilla oreos. And Ive tried the trader joes gluten free oreos and I think they are really really good too! errr, i may have a problem. i apparently eat a lot of oreos. although, i wouldnt call that a "problem" oh and my friend Camille has informed me not to EVER buy the trader joes brownie mix as its nasty .. like dump it in the trash gross. youre welcome.)

Anyway, the other day I was making brownies and decided to throw these in the mix.

Freeland asked me not to. He said the cookies were perfect on their own and not to ruin them with brownies.

Dear husband, nothing is ever ruined by adding brownies to them. I love a good brownie (or cookie) stuffed with oreos. So I went forward. (I did only do it to half of the brownies just to save some of his dear cookies for him)


Anyway, I share this so you can do it to.

Its easy peasy.

Use your favorite brownie recipe or like me .. just open a box of brownie mix. Add oil, eggs, water per usual.

Pour half the mix in your pan.

Then add the cookies:


To make it easier line your pan with foil first. Then you dont even have to wash the darn thing.


(this way you can also lift the brownies out of the pan once they are cooled down and cut them much easier too!)


I broke the cookies into pieces like this before I put them in because when I have made them before by laying the entire cookie in rows it is a little hard to cut the brownies. So I tried it this way. It worked. Both work. Do whatever you fancy. I think its a prettier brownie with the whole cookie is in there. Your call.


At this point I also started just dunking the cookies in the brownie mix and eating it that way. Dont pretend like you wouldnt do the same. I see no difference in that than licking the bowl or spoon. It was good. Possibly even better than the baked brownies?!

Anyway, after you lay down the cookies.. put the other half of brownie mix on top. Carefully spread it around without moving the cookies too much. I also crumbled a cookie on top and thought it was even better that way.

Bake per usual.

and boom:


The only thing i would change: add more cookies. Pack them in there. When you got a bite with lots of cookies I thought it was better. They weren't overwhelmingly peppermint but if you like peppermint/candy cane it was the perfect combo.


Enjoy. I know this wasn't rocket science. But its so easy I had to share.

I also like how my friend Kristen makes brownies.. she puts Andes mint chocolates on top.. they melt and make this Delicious mint icing and its divine. Perfect for holidays!!!

(side note: I wrote a post about all our favorite things from Trader Joes forever ago. Maybe I should actually publish it! oops)

If anything was learned from this post .. its that you should go try the candy can Joe Joe's if you havent already. Youre welcome. 

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  1. oh my gosh! those look and sound so good. I am definitely going to try them. I seem to get right into my peppermint addiction around this time : )