Monday, November 4, 2013

snow in the fall really is one of my favorite things

First things first.. we put our tree up this weekend. Pictures to come. The lights on the entire thing are out and wont work except for the bottom branches. Its a little pathetic. But the kids still like it. Also, Im *this* close to taking it down already too. The kids are cramping our style with the tradition of putting it up November 1st. Apparently its hard for 3 year olds to understand Christmas is still 2 months away and Santa isnt coming tonight. Im either taking it down or making a paper chain with 50 links on it.

Second, we took family pictures this weekend. Im thankful to have them. Praying one turns out. And also, please remind me to never take family pictures again. It was just a mini session (meaning it was only 20 minutes long) It was about 18 minutes too long for the kids. ha.

moving on:


The other week we woke up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Right smack dab in the middle of fall. Im sure most people strongly disliked it. (because nobody is ready for winter) I loved it.

Im pretty sure fall on its own is gorgeous up here.. but fall with a fresh powdery white snow is beautiful!

It was short lived and the weather warmed back up after a few days. No harm done.

Freeland kept saying it was going to snow. I kept telling him that they always say "its going to snow" in October.. and it snows for all of 5 minutes and then its over and we never actually see it. (Im still bitter from when we moved on to the lake instead of south of the lake in erie and missed so much snow apparently!) Anyway, I was wrong.

Also, a side story: Freeland went to put the snow tires on our car just a few days before this. Yes, in mid-October, he put our snow tires on. I for lack of better word .. laughed at him. (in a loving, enduring, you are such a crazy "list" person kind of way) He said it was on his to do list and it was literally the only day he had available before the snow started showing up that he could guarantee he could get it done. (and I appreciate that he doesnt assume it is something I will take all 3 kids to do so really, I am thankful) Well, what do you know.. 5 days later.. snow. Praise God for the way his brain works!

Moving on, here is our backyard with the leaves changing & fresh snow:


It was super "wet" snow so it was heavy and in places it did pull down tree branches and cause some chaos.


Oh.. It was also a 'thundersnow' just like our first year in Erie! (thundering & lightening during a snow storm!)






here is our poor little garden.. It didnt even occur to me to harvest the tomatoes, peppers, etc. before the snow:


little baby cherry tomatoes

under there is all the broccoli, asparagus, peppers.. (and weeds) the snow pulled down since it was wet snow and heavy)



little lonely spaghetti squash.







This little guy was over the moon excited about the snow:


Wylder was inside sick or he wouldve been ALL over the snow too.

When River woke up and saw the snow he immediately ran up and grabbed his snow boots out of his closet and brought them to me to put on. I was actually a little surprised he put all that together and even remembered he had snow boots or where they were. Guess he's been waiting for this day


yes, I probably should have put gloves on him.




PPS: All this thinking about snow in the fall got me thinking and remembering the first time we experienced snow in Erie! I found these posts.. here, here, and here.

So fun remembering the excitement. (and that year was the 2nd highest amount of snow they had ever received.. I think we were like an inch away from the record. It was out of control. and experiencing it.. especially since I worked from home! ha) 


  1. River is adorable! I'm glad it hasn't snowed here yet, but it does look pretty :-)