Friday, November 8, 2013

Sic Em Baylor!

Holy! Its an exciting time to be a Baylor fan. Well, it has been exciting if you follow basketball and their other programs.. but if you follow football .. now its an exciting time too!

Baylor beat the snot out of OU last night. 41-12.

Sic em!

We're 8-0 for the first time in the programs history. It wasnt a fluke or "lucky" win. We have a 12-game winning streak.. and we beat a top-10 opponent which so many people went back and forth saying we couldnt do!

This is fun!

As Im sure 90% of the people who read this blog are fans.. Seeing as my entire facebook feed looked like they were at the game too. (my dad was at the game!!! Even our friends who live in KENYA were able to go to the game too! Praise the Lord! Im sure it was refreshing and a good taste of home for them since normally they wake up in the middle of the night to LISTEN to the game online.. those are some fans I tell ya!) But for those of you who arent fans - now is the time to become one! ha.

(all pictures are from the Baylor website and their facebook page)

I loved this article I read this morning from the New York Times:

"On Thursday, as interested Bowl Championship Series parties and a nation of college football fanatics watched Baylor dismantle Oklahoma, 41-12, the tarp stayed in a storage building across from the main parking lots. Fans clad in black filled those once-empty seats, Baptists and heathens, die-hards and newcomers, Baylor Nation out in force and on its collective feet."

... "This game ranked among the most important contests in Baylor history and, in tandem with the Oregon-Stanford showdown, marked perhaps the best Thursday night of college football ever. Here were four teams in the top 10 of the B.C.S. standings matched in two games with national championship implications. Here was a college football playoff before the debut of the college football playoff system."






Freeland & I went to Baylor. My brother went to Baylor. His mom went to Baylor. My mom & dad went to Baylor. We have lots of other family members who have attended too! So, basically what I am saying is we should start saving now for our children to also go to Baylor. (feel free to start contributing to their college funds at any point! ha)

It was AWESOME watching the game. It definitely wasnt this way when we were students or when we lived in Waco after college either. Seeing the stadium packed out last night .. all black.. and fans going crazy! Im sure it was pretty exciting for all our friends who got to be there! 

It makes me so wish we still lived within driving distance at least to the games. Im thankful for friends who helped us find the game online since we dont have cable. We ordered pizza and cheered them on. I got some lessons in football too. Lets just say even though I enjoy watching it - I have no idea whats going on. I mentioned to Freeland that I was going to be lost if our boys played football. He started teaching me. And here is one thing I think - its really rude that they tackle the quarterback in his own end zone (which I learned is a safety last night!! ha) Go ahead and laugh that I didnt know what a safety was. Freeland enjoyed it.

Also, since we're discussing football: River was given a football jersey from a friend (it is ummm not a Baylor jersey {its an Ohio State jersey which is fitting for up here} so feel free to pack that in a Christmas box if you want.. along with the adorable vintage tshirts everyone else has. just kidding) But he LOVES wearing his 'new' jersey and is determined that he is a football player when he does. (which is a pretty big deal considering last super bowl River asked me to please turn "soccer" off.) Tossing the football around our house has become a new favorite thing to do. And Im not kidding - Chapel even throws her arms up trying to catch it!? Is that strange. It seems so strange and crazy to me. Its hilarious watching the kids all try to play together. I'll have to get it on video.

I love the fall. I love the football it brings. (even though I clearly have a lot to learn) Sic em bears!

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