Monday, November 11, 2013

Project 31 and a little fall lunch party with friends.

First of all a dear friend of mine, Tisha, felt like the Lord called her to put together a documentary of a Proverbs 31 woman. I love that she said yes to a dream the Lord put in her heart. She spent the last few months faithfully working hard to put it together and she just released the trailer for her documentary. She will be entering it in the Cleveland film festival. You can check it out here.  (click the link to go to the Project 31 website)

PS: yours truly has a little interview in it too. (I only share that because err you can see it from the still shot) I want to barf hearing my voice and seeing how I talk. But I want to burst with tears seeing my children playing in it too and knowing the Lord has a plan and will be glorified int this! It was a blessing to be a part of her project. The Lord challenged me and grew me tremendously just studying and getting prepared. He was so faithful and I know he will be glorified through everything the wonderful women in here shared. It was interesting because my part was mostly discussing submission to our husbands which I can happily share - I am awful at. So Praise the Lord! I was humbled. The things I shared are truly things Im learning and have to work on. Its something the Lord is teaching me. Not something I just have all this wisdom on that I am imparting to everyone else. Phew! Let me never forget all the Lord has done!!!


I also wanted to share a little lunch we had at our house a few weeks ago. (by that I mean back in September)

I feel like the title should have said "luncheon" but I just cant bring myself to call anything at our house a "luncheon" so call it whatever you want.. I dont have a creative name for it! ha.

My friend Te'sheba & I hosted a lunch for some friends. We combined a Thirty-One party and fellowship just to hang out with people we love and get to eat lots of yummy food, invite people who hadnt met each other and again .. eat lots of yummy food.

Te'sheba & I split everything up. She was a huge help and provided lots of the food and drinks too and I was thankful she was totally up for going all out.

Once again, I only had pictures before everyone actually arrived. Its just too hard to remember to get my camera out after people start arriving. So half the food is missing in these and lots of women laughing, eating, and drinking are missing too.


Freeland had bought those flowers for our anniversary. And I was pretty darn excited to get to double the use out of them and use them for this too. We also turned our table around for this and I cant believe we didnt do it sooner. Good gosh the room has so much more space in it this way!

Most the women who came were from our bible study so I printed out verses from French-Press Mornings and placed them around the house and on the tables. I felt like each one stood out for different reasons and Im thankful for how Jenny graciously shares her talents as it blesses lots of people.




my most favorite white chocolate puffs thanks to Mrs. Lynne. I make this all the time.


and my most favorite pumpkin coffee cake. It really is slap yo mama good.

*also, this coffee cake was an act of love as I made it the night before. Then proceeded to drop a pyrex bowl next to it the minute I pulled it out of the oven. After deciding that it may or may not have glass shards in it I sent Freeland to the store and remade the entire thing at 10:00 that night. Thank goodness it isnt hard to make!



ummmm also, I may (or may not) have still had half the stuff out from our southern dinner party that we did way before this .. (cough.cough. old dry/dead hydrangeas all over the house. cough)





It was at the beginning of fall so we both made soup. Again, slap yo mama good. Tesheba made a corn chowder that I basically drank from the bowl. I intended to make Bruschetta & or a skillet queso but ran out of time - so instead we did egg rolls. What goes better with fall food and soups than Egg Rolls.. am I right?


I always stuff myself silly and over indulge when we have food like this. And I seriously always wonder why I dont eat even more once its all over because its all just soooooo good.


my helper for the day:

Other helper for the day.. not pictured.. te'sheba! (and freeland. He is always a solid helper in these things!)  It was fun getting to plan this with a friend. I love having our home full of food, friends, drinks, laughter.. I also love getting to use all my table cloths and all the random plates/platters/etc that we have. I only knew half the women who came (Te'sheba knows everyone .. everywhere .. so she did most the inviting. Which is good for lil ol home body me) it was fun to meet even more people. I wish Freeland & I were able to do this more.. But during this season I just enjoy the times it does happen.

Also, I especially loved this party because there werent any kids there. (mine were all with dad and then napping) Can I get an AMEN! I was able to actually talk to people!!!!! ha

also.. I really miss attending Sarah's parties as she is where I steal all my ideas from! *wink*

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  1. Girlfriend, you know how to throw a party! Also, I'm so proud of you! You're such a beautiful proverbs 31 woman!