Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 ..


Chapels first Halloween .. in which she was asleep before the trick or treating even started. Girl knows how to rock it on holidays!


Look at me.. posting this only 1 day after it happened! What in the world?

Holidays are with kids. We had a play date in the morning. The kids were sugared up all day long. River asked non-stop when the trick or treaters were coming. They were so excited about every little thing. I drew pumpkin faces on their oranges, cut a pumpkin face in their grilled cheese, made chocolate covered pretzels and they thought it was all so amazing. They are easily entertained. It was fun.

River gets it even more this year.. which made it a blast. Wylder kind of got it and kind of didnt care at the same time.

We dont really take them trick or treating. They go visit all the neighbors. But they mostly just want to pass out the candy. Which works for me! Especially since this year it rained the enitre night. I couldnt believe they didnt postpone it in our city. It was so windy, cold, and raining the entire time. Despite all that we still had a huge amount of kids knocking at our door. Bless them! ha.

We took the boys to 1 house and then they wanted to come home.





River picked the costumes. He declared that he was Buzz and Wylder was Woody. (and mentioned it once to his Mimi so of course a week later these costumes were at our doorstep) He begged for Freeland to be Mr. Potato head. Which, Freeland would have if it didnt cost $50.

We'll see what happens next year when they both have an opinion. Two weeks before he changed his mind and wanted to be a super hero. We searched for costumes .. but we couldnt find ones that fit at the stores close by and by then they were all sold out online. Thankfully he still loved what he had.

We just pulled out Wylders costume from last year for Chapel. It was hilarious because the boys thought it was SO awesome that she was a dragon! They definitely didnt care that much the year THEY were dragons. ha. I think she just loved all the attention it got her from her brothers! She wore it all of 30 minutes before she passed out because she didnt take a nap earlier. Happy 1st Halloween Chapel!


(chapel got distracted.. we yelled out "how cute is Chapel" and BOOM... focused again! ha)

Typical Wylder .. its his security blanket (picking his nose)





I *tried* to get a picture with the kids:




And then the boys were in heaven... the kids finally started showing up at the door:


our sweet friend Jim came and hung out with us (and he even brought us dinner!) .. he is awesome and handed out candy with the boys! It was a blast having him join us!! 


Jim also snuck my camera and took pictures where Freeland & I are BOTH in them. He later told us to smile. I dont know why it didnt click to me to actually hold the kids and take a decent picture as a family! Next time.


Below you can see River saying "I SEEEEEEE MMMOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" As in, I see more kids coming. This child LOVED handing out candy. He would tell all the kids "God bless you" and "thanks for comin" Wylder even picked up on it and got in on the action. I swear if I didnt have to hold the door open for River he probably could have run the entire thing himself.



Its strange how wrappers kept just showing up in the bowl ;)


Now .. bring it on Christmas.

Other pictures from Halloween here, here, and here  ----> dont worry we'll be pullin out the turkey costume for Chappy Chap over Thanksgiving! 

PS: I loved what Flower Patch Farmgirl wrote on her blog about Halloween.. (if you're interested.) "But, I'm not sure it does anything to further God's kingdom when the Christians lock their doors and pretend they aren't home...." and a list of a few other points I felt were so good.. and funny as always. I grew up celebrating Halloween. That was clearly a different time than it is now. I get it. However, I appreciated how simple and to the point what she said was. For now.. I have similar thoughts. 

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  1. Levi wore the same buzz costume this year! too funny. Love his sidekick woody, too!