Thursday, November 21, 2013

friends come to visit (again.. and Im so thankful)


a really long time ago the Lee's and Lynne's came for the weekend! Bill & Christie were driving through and stopped to see us. Then they Lynne's jumped on board since they were here and came too. I seriously love when our kids are all together. I really love when us adults are all together too! 


Since we moved from Erie, River has constantly talked about (and prayed for) all of his friends. Its always been sweet. I show him pictures all the time of all our friends kiddos from Erie so he doesnt forget them.

And it was sweet to see, once again, he just picked up where he left of. I think it had been almost a year since he had seen Jackson?!

And I think we can officially say that Shepherd is Wylders best friend. The last time he came Wylder talked about him non stop afterwards .. he started praying for him too! And the same thing happened this time. Sweet sweet sweet. (also, they are freakishly similar in so many ways.. so its really fun that they naturally love each other too!)


The Lee's came first so these were from their first day here:





and then at bed time the Lynne's showed up:


and then before I knew it .. the Lee's had to leave the next day. SAD SAD SAD. (something about they had "other" friends in Erie to go see??!? ;)

(sarah & I were headed out to a baby shower.. otherwise we wouldnt have been so dressed up! ;)








(miles & Shepherd apparently have experience in taking pictures.. they knew just what to do!)


Sarah & Drew stayed another night.. I was so glad.

We took them to our favorite little park down the road. This is what it looks like taking 6 kids on a walk:



and in true Drew Lynne form.. he decided to spoil the kids! Our kids see this ice cream truck go by and have never had ice cream from it. We tell them when the music is on it means all the ice cream is gone. (I saw that on facebook before I think?) But, like any good uncle, he wants to spoil and treat the kids and make it fun:

River was thrilled!

and it was fun to all sit around and eat ice cream together. Gaaaaahhhhhhhh come move next door to us!!! !


And per usual, daddy cant say no to chapel:



That night after we put the kids to bed we all sat out by the fire on our porch and just hung out... and at lots of chinese food and desserts.

and now I want to go cry. I miss all my friends!!

(Im okay, dont worry)

in other news: the rest of the weekend was a little out of control. Freelands weed-eater broke, the sink broke, then the dishwasher broke after everyone left .. all in 2 days.


It seems something always breaks or needs fixing when we have friends in town. Sorry friends that we always put you to work!



plumbers crack!

not to be dramatic.. but this was probably the most heart breaking thing that broke.. my slate chalkboard:

(with the family rules FINALLY written on it! I still feel really sad about that)


the kids at least had fun helping fix everything.


I know Ive said it before (all the time) but Im thankful if we cant live by family we at least still live within driving distance to so many of our friends from Med School. Friends that have become life long friends! And Im thankful they actually all come visit! ha. Also, its amazing how much better children play together the older they get! Since there is such a gap in between when we are all together its really noticeable how well they continue to play together!  I would say its only getting easier and easier having 800 children all in our house for the weekend. It was actually peaceful at times! (not that our friends children arent peaceful.. but 7+ kids mostly 3 and under can get a lil rowdy!) Praise Jesus! ha

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