Monday, November 18, 2013

Chapel's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Chapel's first birthday on Saturday!

I cant believe it. One whole year. The fastest year of my life yet. I felt sentimental all weekend long.

Her brothers especially loved it.. which was so sweet. Grandma Rhonda was in town too so she got to be here on Chapel's actual birthday. The first time any grandparent has been here with us to celebrate one of the kids.

Since Grandma was in town Chapel woke up in our room in her pack in play with the boys running in to see her:



Birthday girl!!!


River immediately wanted gifts and cake. I told him we didnt have any for her unless he wanted to go pick out his own toys to give her! ha.

We're down to 2 feedings a day (just morning and night) I tried to give her milk first to see how she would do dropping her morning feeding. This was her response:






girl knows how to pout.


Freeland was at a conference for work all morning on Saturday so we celebrated all over again once he got home:


River & Wylder were so sweet all day telling her happy birthday over & over. Siblings sure do make birthdays fun:







Then once the boys went down for naps Freeland & I took Chapel to lunch by herself to get one on one time with her. (lets be honest.. it was really one-on-one time for us too)

Did you know Benihana's does lunch for just $8? They do! So Chapel got a pretty fancy birthday lunch if I do say so myself.. sushi and hibachi!? Happy Birthday Girl!!! Go get you some.







Then we went home and let Chapel get in a quick afternoon nap. Woke the boys up and played.

My Aunt Liz called to tell Chapel happy birthday and she sent chapel some sweet gifts and an adorable little doll. It was cute watching Chapel open the gift (it was technically the first gift she opened) she ripped that thing apart and went to town. It cracked me up. I also love how she plays with dolls. She hugs them and cracks up laughing.. and gives them lots of kisses.

My pop is back in the hospital again so in the afternoon my mom & Mark were there visiting him and we were able to face time so Nana & Pop could see Chapel on her birthday. It was a sweet treat. Bittersweet as I wish we were there with him so he could see his first great granddaughter in person. But Im still thankful he was able to see her this way.

After that we opened Chapels gifts from Grandma and headed out for dinner to celebrate:



(note: don't give kids a pretzel right before pictures)



Love these 3. And how they all interact together. Its pretty sweet. You can see it in all those pictures.

Then Chapel got all the attention on her as she opened her gift:



wylder struggled with the concept that it was Chapels at first.. but then he got on board.

Chapel got a little doll for her birthday.



Then we headed out to dinner:


Best thing about dinner at 4:30-5:00.. you get the restaurant to yourself. Boom.


We went to Vero Bistro.. its a little pizza, wine, gelato place that is super yummy. Im telling you, Chapel ate well on her birthday.. and so did we! They do the whole oven fired pizza thing. We got the best seat in the house.. right upstairs where we can see them making the pizzas:


(watching all the action going on downstairs)



Im so grateful for how well our children cooperate when we eat out. Praise the Lord. Maybe its because we dont go out often so its like the big fun "Date night" (thats what the kids call it) .. Im not sure? But Im just thankful and praising Jesus!



Then after some delicious pizza it was gelato time in honor of the birthday girl!



PS: I dare you to try to take a bowl of ice cream away from wylder. The rest of us all shared ours.. not this boy. He is focused on the goal at hand and if he see's one extra spoon coming in for a scoop - its over.  (so note: do not give him the bowl that you want!)


Happy Birthday Chapel!!!!



The next day Grandma had to head to the airport. (During Chapels nap) so here was one last picture of her with the boys:


We are doing a little party for her this coming weekend when my mom & mark are in town.It should be fun to celebrate her life all over again! The boys are especially excited and River said he ordered her a cake. ha.

Also, Chapel gave me the best little birthday gift at the end of her birthday. For whatever reason (Im sure a mix of all that ice cream, all the excitement, and not sleeping in her own bed) she couldnt fall asleep Saturday night. (while we watched Baylor beat Tech.. sic em!) So I went up and grabbed her to see if she was okay. She instantly just cuddled on me as I laid down with her on our bed. Id say for a good solid 30 minutes + she just laid on me. One of those.. dont dare move to even check and see if she is asleep or it will be over cuddles. It was such a blessing. She never does that. And I savored every.single.moment. I felt like I was trying to force myself into savoring it even more than it was possible because I know how fast this is all flying by. I sat thinking about how this really has been the best year and she is such a gift..  being her mom feels just like a huge gift.. and the addition of her to our family feels like such a gift from the Lord.  Dont get me wrong, I love all my children & I have enjoyed them all! But I think with Chapel it was the first time I just really enjoyed it all and didnt worry, over think it, stress out, try to figure out this or that etc. etc. (its also the first time I wasnt pregnant so Im sure that helped me enjoy it even more) Anyway, it was the perfect ending to the day. Im so thankful. Thankful for the cuddles, thankful to celebrate, thankful for her brothers and our little family of 5.

Happy 1st Birthday little munchkin. (or Boo as your daddy calls you)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Little Princess!

  2. loved this - made me want to cry. happy birthday, chappy chap. (: