Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the day Freeland became River's hero

We've never really emphasized to any of the kids that Freeland is a doctor. Not really for any reason.. 

Occasionally it would come up (clearly since it is a HUGE part of Freelands life! ha) but it never really blew their mind or meant anything to them.

That is.. until River's teddy bear had to have emergency surgery in the dining room. 


River found his old teddy bear that was "broken" in his drawer awhile back. Side note: He is a picker. (he gets it from his mommmmmaaa) He will pick and pick at things without even realizing it. So half of his stuffed animals have been retired because he found some little space in the stitching and picked a hole in it and then pulled out the stuffing. Which clearly isnt the best situation to have in bed with a 2-3 year old.

Anyway, he found his old teddy bear and was heart broken. Its one of those that was sitting to the side because I was eventually going to get around to sewing it back up.

Eventually meaning, probably for his high school graduation or wedding gift.


Then it occurred to me.. in a moment of pure brilliance..
"River, you know who can fix this?"
(cue: BRIGHT EYES from a certain 3 year old)
"Daddy! He is a doctor! He can do surgery on your little bear and fix him"

and boom.

Happy early graduation son.

River eagerly waited for Freeland to get home. The second he walked in River ran and grabbed his bear. (and Freeland thankfully had some stuff at our house from an old lab that he did)



I mean. Stop it.


Its too much.





I wish I had video of this because River was beaming with pride.

Trust me.. if it was me sitting in front of a sewing machine sewing up the little dude it wouldnt have been nearly as cool to River. (although he would have been thankful still because he is always thankful for those sorts of things)

But watching his teddy bear have "real life" surgery.. and it clicking that daddy was a doctor and could fix him if he was hurt... and now daddy could fix anything in the whole entire stinkin world or universe if he wanted to!!!!

pretty much daddy became a super hero that afternoon.




now anytime something is broken.. no matter how audacious or crazy it is.. I hear "daddy can fix it .. cause you know .. he's a doctor"

Pretty stinkin cute. And lucky River (and Wylder and Chapel.. and um mommy) Freeland can pretty much fix anything.

Also, on a side note: the boys are starting to get what Freeland does. They know when his pager is out he in on call. (which was crazy and shocking the first time I heard them say it) And when he goes in Im constantly hearing "is someones bone broken" "is daddy going to fix the broken bone" and "how did the bone break?" Its amazing what they have caught on to without us explaining much at all.


Also, can we discuss how much these pictures really make me miss Rivers long hair and make me slightly bitter towards the woman who chopped it off so unevenly this last time. The end.


  1. this is so precious! love how he's looking at his daddy.

  2. Brooke that's a wonderful story with fantastic photos!

  3. Stop. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. "Real life" surgery on a teddy - he's now my hero too! So so sweet. :-)