Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chapel Joy


In less than 2 weeks she will be 11 months old. But thankfully I finally made time to sit her down and snap some pictures. Most of them look like this now:



She is on the move and not sitting still for anything. The second Id get her still before I could snap a picture she was already almost crawling off the bed. I should have just waited until Freeland was home. But I just went with it.


Chapel, you're amazing. I truly believe (and know) there is a calling on your life.

You even at the little young age of 10 months old are filled with so much Joy. I pray your life is marked by Joy.


She is crawling everywhere. She pulls up on everything. She wants to stand.. you can see it. But she hasnt done it on her own yet.


Her 2 bottom teeth have been in. Her 2 top teeth are about to burst through. I feel them all swollen in there and the other day I felt one about to pop through. She doesnt seem toooo phased by it. She does love her pacifier all the sudden though. Thankfully she is still happy to sleep without it though!


She eats well still. I try to feed her what we are eating so she has a variety. Lots of nights she ends up eating what the boys didnt finish.. or their waffles, cereal, sandwich, etc... that they havent finished throughout the day. Im just enjoying this stage of her eating such a huge variety of food while it lasts!


She is a momma's girl. She loves her daddy. and she loves her brothers. But when she is tired, hungry, or over all of life.. she just wants me. Thats fine by me.  (although I wish sometimes she would snuggle other people just because they want to snuggle her and she's not having it)

(this was her focused on waving)

she babbles up a storm. Shes trying to mimic sounds like peek a boo.. she's said dadda while looking at Freeland when he walked in. I still cant tell if its intentional or not. Im sure any day now it will be without a doubt obvious.


I LOVE this stage. She knows her name. Understands when we are telling her no. (not that she always listens.. but you can see it clicking) She is full of tricks and its so fun to daily see what she can figure out. (clapping, waving, doing the "soooooo big".... etc) I love love love love it! Even with the 3rd child its still so fun and exciting. Im thankful.


She is curious. fun. adventurous. and calm. mostly easy going. sometimes not. she is tough and so gentle all at the same time. she loves playing with her brothers cars. and she is starting to really play with toys more. its fun. she is also fine with her brothers climbing all over her.. she loves it (which I dont really let them... dont worry)


and then... she wasnt havin the pictures anymore:


but I couldnt handle it.. even her crying is stinkin adorable. (maybe its just a mom thing to think that?)



Dont worry.. she was just fine when I gave her a water bottle:




and one more for good measure:

little ruffle booty and baby thighs.

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