Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chapel Joy at 11 months

everyone else is all "happy Halloween" and Im all "look at my baby" The boys do have costumes and we are passing out candy so I'll post pictures. Freeland told me he wants to put the tree up tonight after the trick or treaters. Ha

seeing as she turns 1 in 16 days. (WHAAAT?) I figured I better sit her down and snap some pictures.

You can probably see her personality best in these.


I risked taking them again with out Freeland here to help. So Im hoping when he is here to help jump around and make her laugh they will be even better.


She is so easy going and flexible when she needs to be. Other times she seems to enjoy a consistent schedule. Im glad our week allows for both depending on what we are doing.

Her 2 top teeth popped in this last month. It was a little more brutal than the other bottom ones.


I would say just in the last 2 weeks she is definitely on a 2 nap schedule now. She kept going back and forth. Now she refuses 3 even if she wakes up from her second at 2:00. It works.. and I know 2 naps will be short lived so I will embrace the time it gives me alone with her brothers in the morning and her during their naps.

This was new this month:


instead of just crawling off she realized there was an actual edge to the bed. ha

She is starting to realize there is food she wants and doesnt want. She is still a great eater over all though. Oh and she started throwing food. I wouldnt call that stage a "favorite"


We gave her milk earlier this month because she was weaning herself. She got a horrible rash and some nasty diapers (and she was SO GRUMPY for the first time ever) so we are holding off a little longer and will try again. She's figured out a sippy cup though and wants to drink out of it all the time so hopefully we can do milk soon. (she is content with water for now)


She loves being outside. Loves going on walks. Loves her brothers. She is becoming little Mrs. Social waving to everyone and saying hi while we are out.


Yes, that is a cat toy she has in her mouth. ignore it.


her most favorite thing in the world is saying "how cute is Chapel?"


(like how big is chapel... so big) she will get the funniest look on her face if she hears it from across the room and instantly throw her arms up. Its hilarious. The boys LOVE saying it to her too.

(here is a link to a video of her doing it! Awesome) 


She also loves giving kisses.. and saying mmmmwah while she does. she loves waving. she tries to say "more" in sign language but pats her lap instead .. she does the same with clapping. ha. She wants to climb the stairs but always listens when I tell her its a "no no". She also knows how to shake her head no. And she still loves blowin raspberries and also loves jumping in her bed.


She loves if we turn on Mickey or Sophia the first. Oh and she totally tries to sing with us if we are singing and the girl LOVES to dance.

This is her surprised, silly, and excited face:


I love it. She does it out of nowhere when she sees something or figures out something.

She is funny. playful. cuddly when she wants to be. tough. and gentle.


these pictures make me realize she is quickly becoming a little toddler and before I know it wont be a baby anymore.


Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.


I wish I could say I started planning her birthday. I havent. I sent out invitations to have some people over for dinner. and I pinned a whole bunch of things on pinterest. Thats about it. It counts right?
I guess I should get my booty in gear though. The boys are excited its coming up though. Its fun that they get it.


Also - side note, River asked me if there was a baby in my tummy on Tuesday! WHAT? Thanks son. Just kidding. I have no idea where it came from. (I think from some friends he see's that are pregnant) It was both sweet and shocking. I do NOT have a baby in my tummy. But I cant help but think about this being the first birthday party for our kids that I wont. Feels all sorts of sentimental to me. And dont worry.. I told River he can always ask me that but its probably best he not start asking other women if they have babies in their tummies. ha. (so dont be offended if he asks you!)

Cant wait to celebrate sweet Chapels life though. Lots and lots to celebrate!!

Here is Wylder at 11 months & River at 11 months   (funny to see who she looks like! I see her look like River .. until I look at Wylders picture!)


  1. She is so cute! I love her surprised face. I didn't do much at all for Emma's birthday party besides invitations until about a week before it! ha!

  2. Love these pictures! Seriously, you should consider a side job as a photographer, as if you don't have enough to do :) I really love how your kids birthdays are spaced out. Good planning with that! And I couldn't help but think too that this is the first time that you don't have a little one on the way. If I had a vote, I would vote the Ackleys as the next family with 19 kids and counting :)