Thursday, September 5, 2013

you knew it was coming.. Rivers first day of preschool


We switched schools at the last minute. And at the time I was all sorts of torn up about the decision.. but after prayer and lots of wonderful wisdom from friends who have a whole lot more wisdom than I.. we felt complete peace about it.

It felt like such a big deal and so not a big deal all at the same time (if that makes sense)

Anyway, there is probably a lot more that could be written here. I learned (once again) more about prayer, a new stage of parenting, seeking wisdom from others, asking for vision.. and Im sure more. (thankfully, its all in my journal!;)

But moving on.. the day finally came. River started preschool!

And based on the number of pictures in this post .. you would think he was leaving for college!

(little brother wanted in the pictures)

He's been waiting ALL summer.

Anytime we passed the building he made sure we knew what it was and begged to go. He went with me a few times to drop off paper work and information and then we did the whole "meet the teacher" which he had a blast at. I attended my first school year orientation meeting. (felt like big steps for me as a mom too)

Then the morning came.  Freeland took the morning off. (to also help with Chapel & Wylder since I had to stay with River) 


River was amped up.

He even picked out his own clothes. He loved that we did his hair too.. he knew this made it all a much bigger deal. ha

We did our pictures.. which was so fun!




And Freeland and I found a verse that we are believing for this year.


"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified ...  for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6


Specifically we are believing the part where it say 'the Lord your God goes with you' .. its what the Lord gave us vision for when we prayed over River & which school he was going to go to. And of course the best thing I think River will gain from this year is confidence .. so it is a perfect verse for all those reasons. Cant wait for River to memorize it. 


Chapel woke up and joined in on the pics:



stop taking pictures mom .. just preschool ..






Then it was time to go! 





(showing us where he found our family picture)







And the verdict: 

he LOVED it. 


The first week was just a transition. I stayed with him the first day and it was a short day.. I actually loved it because I saw how fun it was for everything to be a whole new world to him. And I saw him have a confidence I actually hadnt seen before! (AMAZING!)

River basically passed out Tuesday night after his first day. Im learning even if he isnt going & going physically all day long .. lots of excitement and attention on him exhaust him (even though he loves it) 

Then Wednesday he went by himself. Basically walked in and didnt look back. No tears from him. No tears from me.

Now .. Wylder on the other hand is not handling the transition nearly as well. He fa-reaks out when we drop River off. (of course because he see's all these toys and normally does get to go with River to play at church & bible study so he doesnt understand) And then during school we hear "wheres brother" 898347 times. Its a sweet reunion when we go to pick him up. 
Phew - so one week down. A whole lot more to go. 
Im so excited. So thankful he loves it. So thankful for his teacher. So thankful for vision. So thankful for how beautifully it has all worked out. and especially so thankful our trust is in the Lord. 

PS: this is also my first time to consistently have all the kids up & out the door 4 times a week now. (3 school days and 1 church) I'll be doing bible study and CBS with Chapel & Wylder 2 of the days that river is at school so lots of in & out and back & forth. So, ummm we'll see how this goes!


  1. Oh my goodness he did great! We start on Sept. 11 and I have so many of the exact same feelings you did. I've prayed so much for everything to be okay. I'm also looking forward to doing things with just Gillen and a little something for myself (the gym?) --- it's amazing what these "thinker" boys do when we let them explore and spread their wings. Yay!!

  2. LOVE hearing how your little family is "growing up"! You all are beautiful--well perhaps with the exception of the BIG GUY---love him too!