Monday, September 30, 2013

our southern dinner party with friends!

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Okay, so a while ago Freeland & I had some friends over for some good ol Fried Chicken and southern food.

It all started with Freeland & Keith talking about how it seems like we always end up talking about food together with their family. Which is true.. something about being southern I guess! Then they were talking about fried chicken. Then next thing I knew we were going to be cooking fried chicken and all doing dinner together.. all our favorite southern foods! 

...Then the next thing I knew I went a little crazy and took it overboard.

But here is the thing: I realized the day before that all the stuff we already have in our house pretty much looks southern.. so why not put it all to use and pull it all out. Freeland kept saying it wasnt "western" enough... ummmmm western would have been BBQ. But this was true southern good ol home cookin in my mind.. so I went with a southern thing and decorated that afternoon.

I asked Freeland to put on a bow tie and suspenders and I wanted to put on my floral dress. But he quickly told me that was taking it WAY too far. (I dont think it was ;)

Regardless, it turned out to be such a fun night with friends. They arent all pictured. A few all came by at the last minute. Some stayed through the evening and some had to duck out after dinner. The food was amazing. We all chipped in and brought our own southern dish! (I did not cook all this food!)

It was good for our souls to do life, fellowship, and chow down on comfort food with friends. It was just an extra bonus that besides the food I already had all this and so it was essentially free! (Hashtag: winning!)



we have a bunch of hydrangea trees and bushes in our yard that were blooming just at the right time so I cut a ton of flowers and filled our entire house with them! I LOVED it.


I also printed out a bunch of place cards for the food that all had southern sayings on it. (like: bless your heart Creamed Corn .. Give me some sugar Sweet Tea.. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.. it was fun coming up with all of them!)





also, when you have way too many tomatoes from your garden than you know what to do with.. use them as a centerpiece I guess?! ha



note: squirrels will come find them and pull them off the table and eat them though:



that sign says: when life hands you scraps.. make a quilt. I set them out for kiddos to eat on and we used them later that night when we hung out on the porch.

Truth: I cant take credit for this sign. i saw it online and just wrote it out on our chalkboard since I couldnt order it. But if you like it then you can order the print on Etsy!


and then .. what it was really all about .. the food:

Freeland frying up all the chicken

which.. I of course dont have a picture of the finished chicken. But just imagine 2 huge platters of glorious perfectly fried chicken though!









Not pictured .. Peach Cobbler & Ice cream too!






We also learned that chapel basically LOVES southern food. A true southern girl at heart even though she was born in the north.

We tried to snap some pictures because she was wearing her brothers boots. And it was to die for adorable:




and then after we all stuffed ourselves silly we went back outside and hung out.. pulled out the quilts, guitar, & drinks ..

I mean, how much more perfect can it get?





Note: a way to keep toddlers entertained outside: Give them huge quilts!


Mateo sang us some songs to end out the night.




Such a fun night. When we bought our house I knew I wanted it to be filled with family and friends and fellowship. We definitely desire that! I dont think it has to always be over the top like this. But sometimes its fun to do it up and go with it. Thankful for friends who enjoy and live life the same. Its a blessing after such a short time to have our house full like this! And its fun having friends who enjoy food just as much as us! A few weeks after this we did a BBQ and Keith smoked a ton of meat and we all did dinner again. I think I may have pictures?! And Im thinking we need to start planning our next meal! ;)

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  1. Y'all are so fun! And I love the pictures of you and Chapel! They are just perfect and you look great! And can you please write on my chalkboards for me. I tried to write on one, and it took all day, is crooked, and looks not so good :( Really y'all are way to fun!

  2. Seriously ya'll!! Can I come over and hang out (in a total non-stalker way of course!) This was perfection!

  3. Your friends are the coolest! (Seriously! I miss those ladies!) also I'm jealous that your boys get to be around Mateo - such a great kid and awesome role model! I think you should start a party planning business in the future.

  4. Your house is the cutest! Can you come decorate for Jude's first birthday this weekend? Thanks! ;)