Thursday, September 19, 2013

our first year in cleveland and 1 year of residency down

Here's the deal. This is wordy. (nothing new if youve read my blog for any length of time) and I thought about changing it but then I realized Im writing this for our memory of it.. um not to change anyone's life. So feel free not to read it. Trust me, I understand. ha


Freeland officially started his second year of residency. (in July)

That means we are 1 year down & 4 more to go. Unless he does a fellowship. Then add on one more year. But forget I even went there.

This year went so slow and so fast.. as I expected it would.


Freeland has done an amazing job (once again) balancing work & family. Intern year has the potential to be insane. And it was. But it somehow wasnt at the same time. (thank you Lord! I can say that is the Lord whole heartedly because it truly was a hard year)

He worked a lot. More than he ever has in his life. There was a huge learning curve. It took a lot of endurance, patience, humility, integrity and hard work on his part. I think looking back over the year we are just thankful. We can definitely see the hand of the Lord ALL OVER IT!

Freeland is grateful for the hospital he is at, the residents he works with, the doctors/attendings he has, and the training he is getting. We felt affirmed over & over that the Lord has us here for a reason. Probably the hardest part for Freeland .. above all the long hours, learning, training, etc. etc. is being patient to see what the Lords purpose is in all of this.  Where will he end up & how will he get to use the training he has? (if that makes sense?) Its an exciting thing to acknowledge the dreams & desires the Lord has given him (both of us) and its hard to be patient and see how the Lord will use him. Hard.. but again.. exciting too. 

We're told his 2nd year will actually be his hardest/busiest year. So we are knee deep in that right now. YAY! ;)


Since his first year also meant our first year in Cleveland it got me thinking about what this last year looked like overall for our family.

Moving was probably our biggest adjustment this last year.

Or wait, having our 3rd child was our biggest adjustment.

Or wait, maybe it was Freeland enduring intern year ..  ummm Im sure all of it was equally a big adjustment. Each thing deserves its own recognition and reflection Im sure.

I maybe wouldn't recommend doing it all at one time. But then again, I wouldn't change it ever & it turned out to be a fun year so maybe go for it! (if somehow you find yourself in the same situation!)


Thinking back over the first year I can tell you the Lord is SO faithful. Im not saying any of that was easy or always fun or ideal. But somehow it was still really good and felt easy and do able most times (the Lords strength.. not our own) and we both definitely had a peace the entire year that we were in the right place doing exactly what we needed to be doing. 


A friend asked me a couple months ago how it felt being here for a year.. at the time I wasnt sure. I think I answered that I felt like we would have already had more friends and felt more connected.

Then about 2 weeks later I was at the grocery store and ran in to 3 different people I knew during about a 10 minute trip. At that point I think it actually hit me that for ONLY being here a year we are really well connected especially considering the season of life we are in.

(Season of life.. meaning.. Freelands schedule doesnt always allow us to just have a bunch of open & free nights to be intentional and connect with friends or commit to a small group.. the same our kids schedule doesnt always work with that either.)


and then all the sudden I realize how settled we actually do feel after only being here a year.

How did that happen? (well lots of different ways actually.. but the Lord was so faithful is pretty much the summary) I feel like it all worked out so beautifully in the midst of chaos and a crazy year.

Moving isnt easy. It takes work, patience, a lot of trusting the Lord, and being intentional. But I can say with all that, Cleveland feels like home (just missing about 800 family members and friends) I kind of feel like the saying "home feels like wherever Im with you" or however it goes.. though cheesy.. is becoming true. We actually do love Cleveland. (despite what people continually tell us about it. ;) 

We love .. LOVE .. the friends that we have made. They have seriously blessed us and treated us like family definitely during a season we needed it. Ive learned a lot from them. I think we can both say we have learned SO much by moving to a new place again. (thats probably an entire post on its own) Im constantly amazed about where the Lord put us.. specifically in the exact house we are in and in the exact neighborhood we are in. I dont think I could have planned it any more perfect if I tried.

Also---> can we talk about the number of people who have come to visit us? How could it be a bad year with that many friends always stopping in? Amen.. and thank you to those of you who came. I know this year was so much more fun & light hearted because we constantly had people living life with us here!

I feel like Freeland & I have grown TREMENDOUSLY this year. Probably more than ever before. Praise! Amen! Hallelujah! Glory! Something about him being in a role where his work life is defined and he is challenged and happy .. and something about my role as the wife/mother is a lot more defined and Im growing and challenged and engaged just has been a blessing. This, again, is probably another post on its own.

(phew.. wrap it up brooke!)


In summary.... ;)

Looking back at how quick med school went, I know residency is just going to fly by. Im thankful for our first year. Thankful looking back at it that I can see how God brought us through it.

I hope Im not painting an unrealistic picture that our life is easy and that we never have hard days/weeks/months.. or that we are bursting with patience and love and joy every single moment. Thats not the case. There are plenty of nights where we are burnt out and wondering what the heck we're doing. Freeland & I are both impatient and opinionated so that's not always pretty either. But when I think back over the year.. even in the messy moments.. I really do just feel peace & joy & thankfulness because I see how the Lord carried us through it all. There really is a lot of joy there & I dont think either of us take that for granted.

So, here's to second year! ;)

Also.. yes, I realize just Chapel & River are in these pictures & Wylder is not.. dont worry I have a ton of mommy guilt that our "middle child" is missing from the pictures. No need to point it out. ha


  1. Love you. So thankful we are friends and we are able to witness the Lord work in your lives. Thanks for being such an encouragement to us! xo

  2. y'all are so cute. :) love your words. praying for you all!

  3. Congrats on being one year down! Med school flew by for us but residency has not. It has been so much harder than we had imagined, mostly because our program is not family-friendly. Second year was by far our hardest year. The journey and the struggle do make you stronger as a family and a couple. It's so hard to see/know what the future holds --- I think that is the hardest part about all of this. I always feel unsettled/waiting no matter how hard I try to embrace the moments/joy of our life now. You all have done a beautiful job -- I wish you love, luck and strength in the year to come <3