Thursday, September 26, 2013

It takes a Village 5k


If youve been reading this blog for a while you know that Freeland & I love Naomi's Village.

Naomi's Village is children's home in Kenya that Bob & Julie Mendonsa started. Its where Freeland & I have both visited and where Freeland went back to this last year for the 3rd time.

As you may be aware, or as you can imagine, the education system in Kenya is daunting. In response to that Naomi's Village began Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.

In January 2013 Cornerstone opened their doors. 

Here is a video that I soooo encourage you to watch.  (its short. You can do it!!!)

"The overwhelming lack of quality education in Kenya is devastating Kenyan children, paralyzing the economy, and  hindering the nation’s general well being."

"Student ratios in most Kenyan schools are extremely unhealthy. In some instances 1 teacher is responsible for a classroom of as many as 100 elementary age children. This can not possibly be education. This is crowd control."

"Cornerstone’s school motto is “Change Starts From Within". Kenya’s current state of poverty and disparity can be changed best by those who suffer from it directly- Kenyans. Foreign aid can only go so far. Change in Kenya will be neither real nor sustainable unless it is executed, enforced, and owned by the Kenyan people. We desire that students from Cornerstone be the driving force for that change."

We SO love the heart, the people, and the faith that is going into this school.  It is currently operating out of Naomi's Village & they are working to raise the money to build its own building.

So I wanted to share, in the chance any of you feel led or want to be a part of what the Lord is doing in these childrens lives and in the Maai Mahiu community..

There will be a 5k in Highland Village (dallas/ft worth area) that will raise money to help build the school. You should go and run. Lots of our friends will be there. My mom, step dad, and their community group will be there.. and if you look below you can see on the flyer the wonderful entertainment that will also be there! Its going to be fun!

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 12.35.46 PM

You can get more information here on their facebook page
You can register here
If you want more information on the school & Naomis Village click here


There is an option to "run from bed" .. meaning you want to support the cause but you arent actually able to make it to the 5k or run a 5k! No biggie .. you can run from bed! (this is what our family is doing since we are all in Ohio.. we're "running from bed") Its seriously only $25. Not that Im begging. But Im just saying.. with that you could register easily .. or register your family easily! boom sauce. done. 




Yall are awesome. God is good. He provides. He uses people in so many different ways to accomplish his plan. Its awesome to get to watch him do it too! Im thankful to be a part of it even if its just in a little tiny way. Its still fulfilling.

*all the pictures & video in this post are from Naomi's Village. (they are not my images)

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