Friday, August 9, 2013

my Rodan+Fields mini-facial

Hi friends! This post is 2 parts.

First to introduce you to my friend Meredith.. and second to share with you my thoughts on the Rodan Fields mini-facial that I tried out!

Meredith is one of my friends from Baylor. Tri Delts for life! (just kidding .. but we were Tri Delts together.. so 'technically' she is my sista!)  We also went to church together and went on a mission trip together too. Her husband is also in the medical field and she is a P.A. (Physicians Assistant) Meredith also has 3 kiddos just like us. So basically we have a lot in common. (besides the PA part .. Im not nearly as smart as her! ;)

She recently started working for Rodan+Fields.. the company you may have seen popping up everywhere! The other week Meredith asked if Id be interested in trying out a mimi-facial to see how I liked it.

Umm of course! Its only in the last few years that I have started taking care of my skin (SHAME ON ME!) So I feel like there is lots of making up to do! ha.

Here is what she sent me:



(ignore the dirty table)

(I spy a little boy trying to get in on all the action) 

So, last night while Freeland was busy working on a presentation I decided to treat myself to a little facial and tried it out ("Treat. Yo. Self!" anyone??)  and Im here to tell you that I really liked it!



It is just like it is described.. a mini-facial. Similar to a little spa day in your own bathroom. The Micro-Dermabrasion Paste smells clean and fresh and has the texture of a sugar scrub. It goes on smoothly (without feeling like its scratching all your skin off!) and afterwards my skin definitely felt fresh, clean, and smooth. I didnt feel like it dried my skin out in anyway and I also actually noticed my face didnt turn all red or blotchy.. which it sometimes does with certain products and facial cleansers. I was impressed and loved how smooth my skin felt!

She also included a serum for my face & lips in the package. (the blue & silver capsules in the picture above) A certain little child was calling for me in the next room (cough, cough *river* cough) so I dont have pictures of what it looks like. But a serum looks pretty much like a serum! It was just as great. Smooth, silky, and wonderful. It didnt feel too heavy or sticky. Went on great and left my skin feeling soft all night (and in the morning when I woke up too) The lip serum was the same! My lips still feel soft this afternoon.

Id recommend trying out their products after testing them myself. I was a proactive user back in my college days. So I do like that its by the same company.. and specifically for anti-aging and sun damaged skin! Here is information from Meredith herself along with her before & after picture!:

"Rodan+Fields Dermatologists is a new company from the doctors who created ProActiv targeting anti-aging and sun damage. The products are clinically proven and award winning and are constantly featured in beauty magazines nationwide. They are backed with a 60 day money back guarantee so there's no risk in trying! I have seen incredible results in a very short time and am confident in these products working for you too, whatever your primary skin concern may be. You can check out my website to see what interests you or call me and I can walk you through our solution tool and recommend some products for you. (, 205-441-4496) 

In addition to the amazing products, this business has been a huge blessing to my family these past few months and I would love to share this unique venture with you too. There is no better time to start your own business, working from home in PART-TIME hours around YOUR schedule. Our business is expanding rapidly across the country and is going international in January so now is the time to get going!"

Also, Meredith sent me here before & after picture so you guys could see it. Here you go:


If you are interested in trying out the products you can email Meredith at meredithgrimm {at} or check out her website. (she can tell you how to save 10% and get free shipping!) You can also email me & I will connect you as well. You dont have to become a consultant to try them out! However, if you are interested in hearing about the business Meredith will take $50 off your start-up kit! I can tell you that she is passionate about what she is doing and loving it.. and she'd be a blast to work with!

ALSO----> anyone who places an order or becomes a customer will be put into a drawing to win a bonus FREE product, the foaming sunless tanner! WOO HOOOO!  go check out her site today. 

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