Monday, August 12, 2013

my favorite moment of the day


I was telling a friend recently that will prayerfully have a baby in her hands soon.. that I cant wait to see what her favorite "soak it all up" moments of the day are.

One of my most favorite moments each day is when I go and get the kids out of their beds.

That moment when they first see you & light up.

Yes, that moment I dont want to ever forget.





(her "Im working hard to pull up and crawl" face!)




Its still the same with River & Wylder. They still light up and get so excited. But they arent nearly as calm when I get them out of bed anymore.

I love how babies peek between the crib trying to see you and their smile is so huge! Its like they are seeing you for the first time in forever.

With each of the kids its been my most favorite time of the day. Not that I always LOVE when they wake up.. specifically at 6:00 in the morning. At that point Im wondering why the heck they are awake. So, ideally its the best when they wake up from a nap because you arent nearly as tired and wondering why they cant sleep in!

When River was a baby and got to where he woke up and just cooed and would lay in bed it was so fun to go in and get him. I remember Freeland not ever getting to see it because he was always at work before River woke up. I also remember the first Saturday he was home telling him to go in and get River and being so excited for him to see how fun it was. Then I remember 'fighting' over who got to go in and get him in the mornings because it was so stinkin cute.. and our first time experiencing it!

Now, lets be honest, if we are both home on the weekend.. Freeland & I are probably praying the other one offers to get up first so we can keep sleeping! But, at the time with River, thats how it was. I'll always remember him laying there with the biggest smile on his face kicking his legs like crazy. I'll always remember Wylder laughing so easily when we would peek over the crib (once his reflux settled of course.. for the first few months of his life he generally woke up screaming! ha)  and I'll always remember Chapel snorting so much because she was excited to see us!

Kids are awesome. 


  1. I completely agree. Ever since we brought Will home from the NICU and he transitioned into his crib, he would wake up in the morning and as soon as I peeked in at him, BIG SMILES. It melts my heart.

  2. I love the pictures of Chapel in her crib. Love them. How do you get so much light - can she sleep in the brightness or you do have awesome camera settings you'll share? ;-) I need to try to get some of my little lady in bed like this. It really is such a precious time!

    1. Hey! Normally her room is darker. I opened up the window to take the pictures. ;) Somehow the first one she didnt wake up for.. which was a miracle! I wish I had them of my boys too!