Wednesday, August 14, 2013

mimi and bopa's visit

I cant believe it but it appears fall has already arrived up here. Its crazy. And its already cold. I love it.

So I realized I should probably get these post up that were back from May.. at the beginning of summer when my mom & mark were here.

(As you already saw on my birthday & when we took River to his first movie & when the house next door was being torn down.)

Here are the rest of the pictures though. 





a trip to Melt.. so they could experience what everyone is always talking about.. Its Freeland's favorite. Basically HUGE, ginormous, fancy, majorly unhealthy grilled cheese sandwiches.. and a pretty large bar too.

a picture of what it looks like when we all go out to eat

chapels first time in a high chair:




Im pretty sure the boys did this all week long with poor mark:






Wylder definitely figured things out quickly and ran around in his bed for HOURS until we went back up to check on him.. then we'd bring him down to snuggle since he clearly wasnt going to sleep.. then he'd get to do this.. happened a few nights in a row. Lucky grandparents:




last picture before their flight out the next day:


They were here for a week. And I think I said it before but I cant remember the last time Freeland & I were able to do so much! Seriously.. I know we hadn't done half of the things we did in at least 3 years. I think we went to the grocery store without kids like 3 times! We ran errands, shopped, and even went on dates! WHAT ARE THOSE? ha. It was my birthday --> so we took advantage. (and Freeland was off work which made a difference too) But it was a glorious week. And made me really get a much better idea of what life would look like if we lived within driving distance of family. I probably shouldn't have gotten a taste of that! ha. But it was a blessing. The kids had a blast for sure!

We had a fun summer with lots of family/friends visiting.. so I'll post all of those next!

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