Thursday, August 29, 2013

brothers gotta hug .. and then fight it out

a series of photos for you to show you what my day with these two looks like:

Me: River, you need to go apologize to your brother and give him a hug.
River: "okay.. Wylder Im sooorrrrrrrry..."

proceeds to hug and say "awwwwwwwww":

(wylders already laughing because he knows what is coming!)

then proceeds to throw him on the ground:


they both start cracking up.

giggles everywhere.

proceed to do it over & over:





then this happens:


(it never fails.. there are always tears)



all the while this one is watching the entire thing:


with sweet potatoes all over her face.


I just pray she isnt taking notes. Instead I hope she is thinking "why do they keep doing this.. lets just all sit peacefully and quietly." (right)

Its pretty much a guarantee if I leave the boys to themselves I will walk back in on them rolling on top of each other, pushing each other, or fighting.

and cracking up the entire time.

I know some kids probably start this way younger. River & Wylder did do it when they were younger. It just wasnt non-stop, running through their blood, cant control the urge to rough house like it is now.  (I know this is probably only a small preview of what is to come)

Honestly, its harmless. I dont mind it. (which is shocking because I definitely dont understand it and I totally prefer quiet and calm and children not getting hurt.) Truth be told their "rough housing" really isnt all that rough. I mean it starts by them hugging or pretending to tickle each other! How rough could that be!?

Its actually especially nice to see them willing to be tough and learn to get hurt and get back up again. And the non stop giggling doesnt hurt either.. Until the tears.. ohhh the tears and the drama. I just try to remember they laughed for like 5 minutes and then cried for about 30 seconds so I guess its still worth it!

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  1. When Camille's boys start this, I ALWAYS say--"Somebody's going to cry--it is just a matter of time!"