Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Chiz & Lady come to visit


In early July my dad & Tracy came to visit! Theyve been wanting to come for awhile and this week ended up being perfect! They were here over 4th of July (I'll share those pics separate) but we had a great time. (and they were a HUGE help!) It was a laid back trip. We didnt do too much and it of course went by way too fast... it always does!

per usual.. the boys have learned the first thing you do when grandparents are in town is check their suitcase for gifts. This cracks me up:


lady & big chiz came with lots of goodies.

they also took it upon themselves to teach chapel to crawl.. against my wishes. ha:


and did lots of this too:


we hit up Melt too since it is not only Freelands favorite.. its also my dads. Im pretty sure he'd consider buying stock in it! ha


and we went out to dinner one night for my late birthday celebration. (I think this was the last birthday celebration. dont worry. I made it last through July!.. but when all your family/friends are out of town thats what happens! ;)

one of the best meals Ive had so far in Cleveland:


We went to Fahrenheit. The service was horrible. But my dinner was legit ya'll. It was the kobe beef short ribs (in teriyaki lo-mein noodles.. soooo good) Even though seriously - the service was awful.. Id go back just for the food. It was amazing.

(Rocco Whalen is the chef if that means anything to you.. I dont really know what it means. But all the foody Cleveland people do! ha)

The kids loved having them here. We spent most days hanging out, playing in the yard, and running around the house... oh and you know we ate a ton of pie & ice cream too! OF COURSE! Freeland & my dad went on a quick run almost every day. And we also watched a lot of tennis. It rained off & on while they were here so that put a damper on some plans but we still had a blast.









Wylder was having an especially hard week while they were here. It was INTENSE. Thankfully we have made it through that phase for now. (thank you Jesus!) But he was pretty much throwing a fit non stop the entire weekend. River also had a rough week... with some umm tummy issues I guess we could say. Thankful it was my parents here who can love us & the kids through tantrums, sickness, fights, and our awesome parenting skills that change daily. (although I know our friends would have loved us all through it too.. I just hate for them to have to see it!)

Here is a glimpse into what it looked like:


ha. here is a better one:


This summer has been such a tease having friends & family here visiting. River is getting to the age that he understands more when family is here and when they arent. He's starting to ask when everyone is coming back and why they cant just come over or come from Texas this Saturday! (heartbreaking!)

Freeland & I of course wish family was closer so we could see them .. and having family close also allows for some help & some breaks. Which has always made it a bummer that no family is close.

But now that our kids are actually sad family isnt close and sad that they dont get to see them whenever they want or ask for them instead of babysitters... its just down right sad. Buuuuuttt.. I guess it only makes it that much more exciting when they are here. And this is only for a season.

Im so thankful for the time our kids get with everyone. It was super nice having my dad & tracy here. They are helpful and relaxed with the kids.. and the boys have a blast with them. Chapel was at such a fun age too while they were here too. Its such a blessing to have family willing to come up. I know everyone would come if they could! And guys.. Im almost starting to feel crazy enough to attempt to take all the kids to Texas. (almost!) ha

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  1. DO IT!!! The boys are old enough to love the plane ride, enjoy the livestock on the roads and hello? Bluebell ice cream!!! I look at it as even if it is a miserable, insane three hours on the plane, it's just three hours and then you are there.