Tuesday, August 20, 2013

besties come to town

(just missin Rachie.. who understandably couldnt make it this trip!)

You know you have amazing friends when they use their PTO just to come visit us .. multiple times. Ive lost count how many times Crystal has come to see us. Seriously. Thats unreal. I mean, I could understand if we lived in Chicago, NYC, Colorado, California, etc. etc. But Erie & Cleveland .. and they still come all the time! Im seriously so fortunate to have such faithful and loving and consistent friends.

So for my birthday they came to visit. It was AMAZING.

Pretty much the minute they walked in the door it looked like this:




To say our kids were in heaven was an understatement. They LOVED Meagan & Crystal. LOVED. Like wouldnt leave them alone.. ever. It was awesome. And my friends are amazing and play non-stop with my kids when they come visit. Im not that good of a friend. Seriously.

Also.. when they come visit they do this:

my dishes.


seriously .. they cleaned, did dishes, played with my kids.. Meagan even vacuumed!



Do yall want to come move in??? ;)

It was seriously a needed trip. Also, it made me miss having girlfriends just around the corner.. or roommates .. because we also did stuff like this:

I forget how fun it is to just do each others hair, sit around and talk about girly things.. I feel like I learned so much while they were here.. You need friends like this in your life to tell you little beauty secrets.. teach you how to curl your hair.. or tell you what is going on in the world around you! like where am I living? How do I not know these things?

we even had a girls night out:
cleveland has some seriously good food yall.

dont mind if I do.

and we hit up the westside market to show them what its all about. It was fun.

(this is just the outside of the market. Its the inside thats the bomb dot com.)

We stuffed ourselves silly with crepes and yummy food.


chapel couldnt handle all the excitement:


gettin all dressed up and fancy with friends is fun:







note: this was the first time in my life that my hair has ever stayed curled. (if we're friends on Instagram you have probably heard way to much about this already. sorry)

but it was a miracle.

I love these pictures! 


They also blew me away and filled up an entire basket with 30 gifts for turning 30! all different things I love! They even picked me out clothes yall!!!! (Which I need them to do because I have no idea what clothes people wear these days and they know and have MUCH better taste then me!)



The boys LOVED opening the gifts! ha

And then just like that I blinked and it was time for them to go home.

And I balled my eyes out.



I laughed a lot while they were here.




I dont know if I mentioned this yet .. but I have amazing friends. 

Freeland & I have amazing friends all over..  Im so thankful in every season of life we have friends who have become life long friends. In waco, erie, and now cleveland.. all over texas.. and now all in different states.. The Lord has been faithful to provide more friends & relationships that are dear to us than I can count.

And having friends that have known you since you were a teenager is icing on the cake. I love it.

Theyve had lots of grace for me over the years. Loved me through some strange and awkward seasons for sure. Theyve been so wonderful while Freeland & I have been in this season of life and cant visit them very often.. I seriously pray one day we live close to them again and I can just pick up the phone and say lets grab dinner .. or do you want to come spend the night .. or how do I do this or that .. or my kids want yall to come over ..

gah. love them. Thanks for coming to visit, loving my kids, being willing to just sit around, making me laugh, and loving Freeland & I so well. Now... come back!


  1. Ok love love this post and can't belive I'm just now reading it. What a wonderful time that was and special to be with y'all!! Love that we all have wrinkles on our forehead in that one. Of course I cry while I read this and want to do it all over again. Such great friends!! Thanks for being such a good friend Brookly love you to pieces!!