Friday, August 23, 2013

9 months with little Chapel


the last 9 months have been awesome. seriously.

How did we live without Chapel? (not that we went that long! ha)

Shes so fun! And its been so fun with her.

I myself cant even believe that I can say its so fun having her around. Im incredibly grateful that when I think over the last 9 months.. I dont think of things like crazy, intense, stressful, chaotic, etc. etc. etc. (although yes, there are times that are all those things .. its not what I think of when I think of Chapel or when I think about what its been like with her in our family)

Chapel is naturally joyful and spunky and calm and silly and tough and gentle all at the same time.

yes, those and probably more.


shes all over the place. I had to wait for Freeland to be home to take these pictures because she wont sit still and instantly tries to crawl off the bed.

She's in between 2-3 naps. Depends on when she wakes up and how her first nap goes. 


she has one little tooth. Its cute. Her second one is coming in .. but for now she rocks out the 1 tooth thing. Teething hasnt been to bad. Maybe she doesnt nap as well? And she hasnt wanted to nurse as much - instead she wants to chew and chomp on food. But thats about all I think.


she laughs the most at her brothers & sam.


her hair looks like it has little curls in the back. Maybe its just how she sleeps on it? I cant wait to see if it turns out to have little ringlets. Im still shocked that she is brunette. Sometimes it looks lighter and other times it still has a red tint to it. I love it. Her eyes are blue/gray/hazel? It seems to change still.


Her belly button is going back in. She had an umbilical hernia. (not a big deal.. her button just stuck out) The doctor only does something about it if it doesnt go in on its own by the time she is 4. But its getting smaller & smaller.


She eats well. I just feed her whatever we have around. Occasionally I still feed her baby food but she wants it less & less. She ate her first southern meal (fried chicken, Mac n Cheese, creamed corn, biscuits...) and LOVED it. I fed her indian food yesterday and she was all over it. I love this stage when they just eat whatever you give them. But she loves bagels, pretzels, and waffles a TON too.


She's pulling up. She gets on her knees all the time and if she feels confident in whats next to her she'll try to pull up and stand. Its mostly if I stick my hand out or arm out for her to hold on too. She seems to love climbing. I found her on one of the stairs the other day! WHAT? My boys werent huge climbers.. and Im praying I can say the same for Chapel.

Oh and she's starting to dance. Its so cuuuuute. She bounces around and I melt.

her little squishy nose is also my favorite.


here's a few with daddy:





Chapel.. we stinkin love you. Your brothers love you even more today then when you first came home with us. Your daddy is already wrapped around your finger. You cuddle with him the most too. Im heart broken youre growing so fast but Im loving your sweet personality so its been so fun too!


and for fun.. here is Wylder at 9 months and here is River at 9 months. 

I showed the boys their pictures from their 9 month post .. and they both thought it was chapel. hmmmm


  1. So adorable and great pictures to capture this age. And now I just spent an hour scrolling back to your old posts of your sons. I don't even remember your boys as babies! They definitely all grow up too quickly!!

  2. Looking back at R & W's posts, they all are their own little person!