Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the view outside my kitchen window

(roses.. and normally 2 little boys running around too)

There are roses growing right outside our kitchen window on our porch.

Looking out the window I can see the vine growing over.

Sure makes doing dishes a lot more enjoyable.


I never would have realized how having so many flowers & landscaping around our house would change the way I enjoyed our house and the summer & spring time. It is work to maintain them. But its fun. Im learning a lot. And for whatever reason Im becoming one of those people that finds it relaxing and beautiful..


Especially because most of it was all here before we moved in .. so Im reaping the benefit of others hard work ;)


Although, we have done a lot of work in our yard this year too. (by we.. I mean mostly Freeland. but Ive done some too so I am giving myself credit also!)


The previous owners knew what they were doing because I just realized they were very intentional about which plants they planted and where they put them. There is constantly something blooming. (vs. it all blooming at once and then dying) So, first the peonies, then they roses, then the lilacs, and now a whole bunch of flowers I dont know the names of that I have never seen before.. etc. etc.)



I still cant believe the amount of peonies we have growing in our yard.

(their all done blooming now. These were from June)


If you follow me on Instagram you know that we are doing a ton of work in our backyard right now. We expanded our patio with some stone we got from the neighbors house and we are re-landscaping and moving and transplanting a ton of our flowers. I'll post pictures on here once its done. Our neighbor has been a huge help.. he is a landscape designer. Its been a blessing to get to know him (and so many of our other neighbors) this summer.

My dad and Tracy were in town this last week. We are now done having our visitors for the summer. (as far as I know at least) Its been fun having so many people come visit and stay with us. And we had a great 4th of July.

Freeland officially started his 2nd year of Residency last week too. 1 year down.. 4 to go. Im sure I'll post more about that soon.

Lots going on. Lots of updating to do. But 2 little boys are currently very quiet down in the basement so Im sure Im about to go find something very interesting!


  1. I am SO jealous of your beautiful flowers! Especially the peonies. I'm coming to visit next June, k?

  2. Camille carried peonies in her wedding bouquet--one of my favorites. Working in the yard is SO much more fun that cleaning the house!

  3. Oh my goodness, Brooke! I'm so jealous! Those look absolutely beautiful - come help us make our house look like that, please??

  4. So pretty! Love your house & the yard! Flowers are the best pick me up :)