Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our wild man is 2

I cant believe our little man is already 2. Yet in reality, for the last 2 or 3 months he's seemed like a 2 year old already to me so it felt like somehow we were celebrating something that had already happened. So strange.

The entire week before his birthday I was unfortunately sick.. so I had lots of self induced mommy guilt that his birthday wasnt any bigger. But really it was perfect for him.. and us. And when you have siblings you already naturally have friends at your birthday right?

We had planned to go out and do a bunch just as a family but then it rained all day so plans changed.

Moving along: 

He didnt know what to think about us all barging in singing happy birthday:



Freeland was out that morning so he grabbed some cake pops for breakfast. Wylder basically isnt interested in anything in life until he has finished his first cup of milk. (addict?) Seriously.. we had gifts, cake pops, etc .. he wanted none of it until he was on to his second cup of the day. Youd think it was coffee. that boy is funny.



after cake pops for breakfast we did some gifts:

(river was about to explode if we didnt open gifts.. he had been waiting for so long now that he understands birthdays more. it was cute)

this face!



then the boys played outside in the mud & got nice and dirty .. it seemed perfect for Wylder now that I think about it. After we cleaned up we went to lunch. We were going to go to Chick-fil-a but there were request for hamburgers on the way so we detoured to wendys.

after lunch & naps we got phone calls from family:



and then we did more gifts. We really didnt do a ton of gifts (even though these pictures make it look like we did) He just had a handful from family. River recently discovered our lil stash of toys hidden in our closet. He's been patiently waiting the last 2 weeks for us to pull them out for Wylders birthday. We let him go in and pick out a gift to wrap for Wylder too. It was cute. He was proud. And he handled the entire day being all about Wylder pretty well too! (until about 4:00? ha)


our sweet friends sent Wylder a card with a ton of stickers in it.. so perfect!


Lil miss watching all the action

Wylder has been caught eating worms outside multiple times. Its hilarious and gross all at the same time. I dont mind it to be honest. Protein, right?

Anyway, there was no question.. he was getting a dirt cake for his birthday. Boys been eating dirt outside since he was a baby:



His excitement with each gift was priceless:



cake time:



here he is singing too:

(happy birthday is one of his favorite songs. ha) 





what would a 2 year olds birthday be with out some tears?


and then, by the grace of God, the boys decided it was okay to actually play with all the new toys together. it was a lovely way to end the day!


and pictures before bed that day:






this picture is blurry.. but I had to share it because its the face Chapel basically makes anytime one of her brothers is coming towards her or looks her way.. she gets so excited and starts freaking out. Its cute:



By the end of the day.. even though we kept it SO low key.. we were exhausted. It felt like we threw a huge party. So strange? But the day was fun. Wylder had a great time and it was especially sweet to see all the attention be on him non stop for a change. I think he definitely enjoyed it. I'll have to put together a post all about Wylder at 2 soon. So much I dont ever want to forget. He definitely adds so much life to our family for sure!

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  1. I love his cake! In one of the pictures above, Wylder looks like your husband and River looks like you. It's so sweet!