Friday, July 26, 2013

8 months of awesomeness

Chapel is officially 8 months old.


She is fun, happy, easily entertained, and in love with her brothers.


she is crawling (army crawling) everywhere. I cant keep her contained anymore. It makes things easier in some ways because she can get to whatever it is that she wants and occupy herself. But I also found her with a rock in her mouth the other day that the boys brought in .. so there's that too.


shes consistently taking 3 naps a day.

They arent as long as I think they should be. ha. but its consistent. and who knows .. maybe its because she's learning to crawl and all that .. so her sleep is interupted.


she eats whatever we feed her for the most part. mostly things her brothers dont finish.. like waffles, chicken, bananas, etc.

she appears to be a bottomless tank for the time being.


she's seriously fun. especially at night. sometimes I find that I have a hard time putting her to bed because shes just being silly and funny and having so much fun watching her brothers.


the face below is her face when she gets excited. its awesome.


Oh she also graduated from Physical Therapy. WOO HOO!

We'll go back in for another check up in a month or so. But she is done.


She is a momma's girl. She LOVES her daddy and brothers. And if we are at home and other people are playing with her she is fine and loves it.. until I walk in the room! If she see's me .. she normally wants me to hold her. And if she is in a new place she seems to cling to me.. which means she also doesnt love when strangers hold her. its a bummer because people want to hold her & play with her too but I dont mind it.  I know its only for a short time.


She enjoys being outside. Hates the pool. Loves the bath. Loves all her toys. Hates when she gets stuck under the table crawling. Sucks her thumb. Loves the binky. Pinches me while she eats and I have bruises to show for it. Has no teeth yet. Says momma, dadda, nigh nigh, and maybe other stuff?


Chapel Joy .. like we say every month you are a joy. Your name seems to be prophetic! Youre the perfect little blessing for our family. Its so bittersweet that youre already 8 months. Im thankful you just keep getting more fun otherwise Id be a blubbery mess everyday crying that you are growing so fast.



  1. Would you be so kind to tell what kind of camera you have and what lens you are shooting with on most of your pictures? You are very talented! You have a beautiful family!