Friday, June 14, 2013

Rivers first movie

I dont know if you are catching on to a theme here .. but pretty much the week of my birthday & the week my mom & mark were in town just might have been the best week of my kids life.. watching a house be demolished, going to meet thomas, tons of cake & ice cream, a parade, they also went to the zoo and there were lots of trips to the pool too. I dont think it gets any better than that!

One day we snuck away while the other 2 napped and took River to a movie.

Ive been wanting to do this for so long .. but I dont want to pay a babysitter for it! ;) So we took advantage of mimi and Bopa being here.. skipped naps..  and took him out to a movie!

The only one out that looked worth seeing was The Croods. I would have much rather taken him to a different one (just because its nothing he recognized or would get excited about.. not because there's anything wrong with it! ;) but it worked & he liked it. (and if youre interested there isnt anything really scary in it or any characters that would be 'scary' .. so it was a good one to start with)

River in the car on the way saying "is this awesome?" "is this so cool what we're doing?" and then pointing to every single building asking "is this the theatre?" ha


Yes, I was "that" mom with a camera inside the theater taking pictures.




we were the only ones in the movie. it was awesome.


he did a lot of "I want to move to this seat" "I want to go up there" ...  which was fine. We were the only ones there & I didnt care.











and the second we got back in the car:


Despicable Me 2 and Planes (from the people who did Cars .. and now its planes!;) come out this summer and those I definitely want to take him too. He LOVES Despicable Me &  I think he might just freak out watching Planes .. so those would be a lot of fun!

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  1. I love that you not only took your camera in but took pictures during the movie! I would totally do it too!