Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Potty like a rockstar .. where I promise not to post pictures of my kids poo


I promise there are no pictures of poo in the following post!

(mostly because that has yet to happen .. but also because I wouldn't do that to you guys.)

A few weeks ago we finally potty trained River.

To be honest, I could have cared less if he was potty trained. No 18 year old goes to college still in diapers so I wasnt in a rush. To me, it seems more time consuming to take potty breaks 800 times a day and wipe over & over than it does to just stop and change a diaper twice.

River peed on the potty when he was 2 a few times. But then, I wont name any names, but someone tried to force him to go and he freaked out and since refused to even sit on the potty.

However, preschool is coming up. And he cant go if he isnt potty trained. I hated to do it just because of school. Ive heard people say over and over not to do it for that reason if your child isnt ready. But I could see River was pretty much ready. And I wanted to do it at the beginning of the summer to give him time to learn, fail, have accidents and all that before school started.

So, we picked a weekend Freeland had off and told River we were having a Potty Party. There would be lots of underwear, prizes, candy, etc. He got excited. Once he was excited we explained that what a potty party actually meant was no more diapers.. which he understood also meant using the big boy potty.

I woke up Friday morning and as Freeland was leaving for work I said "I guess if we are potty training tomorrow I should come up with some sort of plan?" so I sat down and started figuring out what the heck we were going to do and right as I sat down River woke up and before I could "plan" anything he asked "is today my potty party?"

uhhhhhh .. sure?!

So I went with it.

Without a plan.

Thinking I was losing my mind.

With all 3 kids at home by myself.

Freeland was at work (and just happened to text me that he found out he was on call that night all the sudden and we had friends coming over for dinner)

But there was no going back.

So we sat and talked about what it meant, how he could do it, once he threw away his diaper he was just wearing underwear, tee tee goes in the potty... etc. etc. etc. I quickly drew a chart (which I thought I would never do) let him pick stickers, grabbed a big toy that he hadnt played with yet as his prize, grabbed some candy .. basically all the random things I had read from people posting on facebook that I could think of!

My quick "oh my goodness Im not prepared" last second ideas to help

We hung out in the bathroom talking about it over & over and then I asked if he was ready for his underwear.


of course.

so I asked if he thought McQueen needed to potty. (2 points Mom!)

Lightning McQueen peein on the potty. over and over again.

so we did that for awhile.

Then I put underwear on him and he freaked out. But I told him there was no going back and he could it.. he was ready. Once he stopped kicking and fighting it and I actually got the underwear on he said "lettttts go potttttttyyyyyy"

Um, what? Okay.

And then he did it.

I was SHOCKED.  (and I think he was too)


The rest of the day we spent every 10 minutes practicing. There were a few accidents but more successes than accidents.



lots and lots of juice, chips, and of course carpet cleaner.

Honestly, my thoughts on the first day were that the hardest part was how boring it was going potty every 10 minutes, reminding him to stop and think if he needed to go, and doing it over and over and over again. But, I realized if that was the hardest or most annoying thing I could handle it.. and we were pretty fortunate that it was going so smoothly.

Also, Camille was awesome and sent me videos of Elliot talking and being all cute to entertain myself while we hung out in the bathroom.


The second day was an all new ball game though.

He all the sudden refused, screamed, freaked out... whatever you can imagine. It wasnt until we said "lets put on underwear like daddies" that he agreed. Then Freeland also took him outside and let him pee out there .. which he loved. So thats how we made it through day 2. Lots of talking, cheering, tricks, etc.



Wylder was a champ and helped cheer him on (because he got candy every time River went too. Smart kid)

After about 3-4 days River thankfully learned to hold it and figured out that he doesnt actually have to go every 10 minutes. He has yet to do his business in the potty but he tries and Im proud of him for that. I guess waiting paid off because it was overall pretty painless and fast.

*PS: River actually had no idea, but I kept taking stickers off the chart and putting them back on the sticker sheet to keep him thinking that he only had a few more times to practice until he got his plane. To this day he still hasnt figured it out and keeps thinking that the prize was just getting the stickers. ha. Pretty brilliant if I do say so myself. The plane is in his room and he can totally grab it anytime he wants. He's just forgotten. Now, the huge jeep on the other hand that he gets when he does you know what .. that he has not forgotten about.

Also, dont worry, I told Freeland that since I potty trained River basically on my own with all the kids at home he could take the lead and potty train Wylder on his own next time. ;)


  1. SOMEDAY---he is going to KILL YOU!!! Meanwhile--I laughed and laughed!