Monday, June 3, 2013

Much Ado About You Planner Review


Emmy Blakely, owner of Much Ado About You, has officially relaunched her planners & opened her store again!!! 

I was thrilled to be a guinea pig and get a little early preview of her new planners in advance.

If you are curious.. the main way I function with 3 kiddos under 3 and a husband in residency is by staying organized. (not rocket science or ground breaking information Im sure. ;) 

So I'm here to share with all of you what I think about her new redesigned and updated planners!

Spoiler alert: I love it.

So lets get down to business! I'll share what I love below too.

Here is what I received in the mail:

How much do you love her logo & packaging?


When I was officially signed up to be a guinea pig I kinda thought "uhhhh what happens if I dont like it?" I mean I currently have 2 other planners that I like (Im sure you can guess which 2 those are if you think really hard!) so there is some competition happening and I am a little OCD & picky about how I organize.

I figured if I didn't love the planner I would just give it to a friend to use. Then I got it in the mail, opened it, and not so surprisingly quickly decided I would NOT be graciously giving this to a friend. I would be holding on to this bad boy for myself! ha


(note the pictures above are before I added my tabs to the side!)

Here is what I love about it:  It is small enough and light enough to fit into my purse & diaper bag without adding extra weight or taking up my entire bag.

The monthly view is 2 full pages so there is a lot of room to write out all the activities I need to so I can see them all in one spot.

The daily layouts have room to write out activities by the hour WITH space at the bottom that is empty (where I will write out our dinner plans!)

There are fun extra pages in the back along with a pocket to put all my target receipts! ha

I love that the month your planner starts with is based on when you order it.. so if you order it late in the year it doesn't mean you have 6 wasted months just sitting there unused.  

I also love that it supports a small business. Emmy is a stay at home mom who is running this business & doing what she can to help moms like me stay organized!  She has been fabulous to work with and is super organized & on top of her business so getting the planner was super fast & easy!

Emmy will be posting a tutorial on her blog on how to customize the cover if you are interested in that! 

OR even more fabulous Emmy has teamed up with The Pleated Poppy who is making custom fabric covers for the planner. So .. if you want a beautiful little cover for it you can do that too! More info here



each month is a different color. With a cute little quote at the top, a space to write goals, calendars for 2014, and holidays already filled in. Important ones like: mothers day, Christmas, and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! (which is August 2nd if you are curious!)





The day is listed from 7:00-11:00 with the weekends wide open. You can see the space at the bottom to write things like dinner plans, notes, birthdays, or your husbands call schedule should he happen to be on call all the time! ha ..











Event stickers:


Monthly Tabs:

You put the tabs on yourself. For a great tutorial where you can see pictures of what that entails & how quick & easy it is go here

August Start Planners will only be available to purchase June 1st thru June 10th, so don’t delay! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE 7 MORE DAYS TO ORDER ONE if you want it to start with the month of August .. if not then you can order it again in July and your planner will start with the month of September .. and so on!

Want more information? Here is the information on the planners from Emmy herself that The Pleated Poppy shared:

The Much Ado About You Planner is back and better than ever! We have made some exciting improvements over our hiatus, and are thrilled to introduce our new line.

For more information on our products and for tutorials on making the most of your planner, please visit our website

The Much Ado About You Planner is available in three styles:  The Months Only Planner {$24}, The Day Planner {$38}, and The Student/Teacher Planner {$38}

Each Planner also includes year-at-a-glance pages, notes pages, a two-sided pocket folder, a 4″ paper clip bookmark, a sheet of 12 monthly tabs with easy-to-follow instructions for placement in your planner, and a sheet of fun, color-coded stickers for marking your special events.

Thank you Emmy for letting me be a guinea pig! Im in love with the planner & super excited for your business


  1. oh dear. i need this in my life right now. which type is your planner?

    1. I just have the regular 6x9 monthly/daily calendar. Glad you like it

  2. I just bought a cheapie planner...but returned it and got this. I canNOT resist they typography and stickers :) Poor Erin Condren...bubye!

    1. hahah! Yes .. the Erin Condren is cute but just So.Stinkin.Big. How is anyone supposed to carry around that much?! Glad you like it! Hopefully you love it just as much when you receive it!