Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chappy Chap

YOU GUYS! Thank you for your sweet sweet comments on here and FB with my last post! Clearly the Lord was up to something if it resonated with so many of you. He's pretty awesome like that! Thank you for all your encouragement though!


I wish I had taken these pics every month. (with all 3 kids) but I didnt. I didnt realize how fun it would be to compare them. I mean I knew I wasnt ever going to be able to keep up with the whole sitting in a chair thing or the month number on a onesie.. but throwin her on my bed and laughing .. that I can do.

Anyway, Chapel is 7 months old now. How are we closer to a year already?


She is sweet, girly, spunky, laid back, and playful all at the same time.

The biggest changes are that she now sucks her thumb, she finally rolls from her back to her tummy, she blows raspberries all the time, she is eating more real food (chicken, bread, waffles, puffs, cheerios, sweet potato hash, and fruit) and she sits up so much better now too. She squirms and wants to move but is slow to figure out how to get her knees up. Im totally okay with that.

She's still not a fan of the pool but I think its because our neighborhood pool is super cold. Im hoping since its warming up the pool will warm up and she will finally like it. 


She is still sleeping through the night & waking up earlier. But I'll take the sleeping through the night. Her naps are more and more consistent. (at least this week!;)  She still does well going to church and bible study with me and just taking a quick 30 minute nap in my lap while we are there. We'll see how much longer I can get this to last!


I love her little nose that squishes up like Rivers, her long eye lashes, her little pursed lips and of course her eyes. I especially love that when she gets excited she makes the face in the picture above and snorts over and over. Its hilarious.

The picture above and the 3 below are faces I get all the time from her.



(Chapel upset.. she's got the whole dramatic thing down) its precious and cracks me up

While I was taking these we convinced River to jump up there and give her kisses. Im so thankful for these pictures even though he doesnt have anything on but a diaper and pj top.


(probably one of the only times he's held her since the hospital)



Precious! Wylder was already in bed otherwise he would have been ALL over that! ;)



  2. Oh my gosh, Brooke! I absolutely LOVE seeing the pictures you post and it only makes us want to come and visit even more. Hopefully sometime this early Fall we can find a weekend that works with both of our schedules!